Malia Obama: President Obama’s Daughter Is A Good Tipper, D.C. Waitress Claims

Malia Obama is apparently learning how to give back.

The oldest daughter of President Barack Obama, Malia was spotted recently at a cafe in Washington, D.C. There with a group of friends, Malia and the group gave a nice tip after enjoying breakfast.

Christian Science Monitor writer Linda Feldmann has the inside scoop:

My daughter, Becca, has been waiting tables at Open City café for a few weeks before heading back to college, and regularly encounters interesting people. The restaurant is in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, well situated between two major hotels, and gets people from all over the world. But Malia Obama, a local girl who goes to Sidwell Friends School nearby, is her coolest customer yet.

So here’s the skinny: Malia had frozen chai and eggs Benedict. She wore flip-flops, cutoff jean shorts, and a Georgetown T-shirt. She was with two girlfriends – and it was one of her friends who picked up the check. The tip: $8 on a $45 bill.

“Not so bad considering they’re teens!” said Becca, herself just a few years older than her customers.

Malia Obama has been quite the hot topic lately. This summer she turned 16 and started learning to drive, and in July was spotted at Lollapalooza in Chicago, causing a stir on Twitter. User JD tweeted, “I asked Malia Obama for a picture and she said she wasn’t allowed to take pictures with people”

Mom Michelle noted late last year that both Malia and her younger sister Sasha are big Beynoce fans, and that Malia’s tastes were maturing a bit.

“They love Jay Z. They love Beyonce. Sasha is still a One Direction fan, although I think Malia has become a little less into boy bands,” Michelle told People magazine. “They’ve gotten to know Beyonce, and she has always been very sweet to them.”

So in case anyone was wondering what kind of music Malia Obama likes or how well she tips, now they can rest easy.