Almost Half of Americans Do Not Think President Obama Will be Re-Elected

This is one survey that US President Barack Obama wouldn’t want to see.

Despite the highly-spirited speech he delivered to Congress presenting his jobs bill, the President is starting the fall with 32% or one-third of Americans giving him positive ratings. That is the same ratings he had at the end of summer. Two-thirds or 68% gave him negative ratings.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,462 adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive.

Why the negativity from those who were surveyed? Here are the issues that Americans feel the government should address: economy (27%); healthcare (17%); budget deficit (13%); budget and government spending (11%); and taxes and social security (7%).

There is some consolation to this survey but let’s have one more disturbing result. If the election for president were to be held today, over half of Americans (53%) say they would be unlikely to vote for Barack Obama while 39% say they would be likely to vote for him.

Okay, now for the better part of the survey. The President is doing a better job than Congress. Right now, almost all Americans (94%) have a negative view of the overall job Congress is doing and just 6% give them positive ratings.

See, everything’s not lost. Besides, election results will judge if this survey holds true.