Russian Couple Rescuing A Prairie Dog Is Adorable

Some of the most adorable videos available on the internet are easily the ones that star animals. Here on The Inquisitr, we have the privilege to report on some of these wonderful videos. This includes pet cats and dogs meeting newborns for the first time. Not to mention pet cats with insomnia, a pet pit bull cuddling a baby, and so on.

However, it is also adorable to see us human beings help our fellow animal neighbors who also live on this floating rock we call Earth. For a prairie dog, this Russian couple is a blessing from above as they help it out of a tight situation.

Uploaded on the Youtube channel PsihAL on August 26, 2014, the video already has 1.4 million views and 10.6 thousand likes. Three hundred people wanted the cute prairie dog to suffer. Finally, it is as of the publication of this article the most popular video on Youtube. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful film which shows the extent of compassion we humans can have for other animals.

The video starts out with a couple that I will assume are Russian because the video’s details are written in Russian. They may or may not, and this is just an assumption with what I’m given. Now that I got the possibility of a PC violation out of the way, the couple is driving on a dirt road in some place rural when they suddenly see a creature struggling in the middle of a dirt road. They stop long enough to find out it is a prairie dog struggling to escape a hole it is stuck in. I guess it ate too many nuts… or whatever those critters eat. The woman of the couple gets a cloth and assists pulling the critter out. Once free, it scuttles away in fear yet grateful to be free. It probably thought it escapes the clutches of some unknown predator.


It is nice to see this form of care, even for wild animals. I am sure there are people who would have thought they were in an old school arcade. Remember those Wack-A-Mole games?

What do you think about this viral video? Do you admire the couple for helping the prairie dog or should they have left the animal to fend for itself as nature intends to? Please let us know int he comments below.

[Image via Creative Commons]