Rashida Jones To Take On Restaurant Dramedy

Looks like Rashida Jones is adding another project to her name. The former Parks and Recreation star is heading to ABC to produce a food-based dramedy called Mix. According to Deadline, Jones and actor Will McCormack are set to work on a show that will focus on “a revered family restaurant at a crossroads.”

Deadline reports Jones’ new show will “explore the realities of modern-day families.” Right now we don’t know whether or not Rashida Jones will make a guest appearance on Mix or if it will actually go to series at ABC. Jones has been busy after leaving the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

As of right now, the actress is starring in a new TBS comedy series by The Office star Steve Carell. The show titled Angie Tribeca, a cop comedy produced by Carell and his wife Nancy, and will have a tone that focuses on slapstick comedy.

The show sees LAPD officer Angie Tribeca (Jones), who is characterized as “lady law;” but from the looks of the first trailer, she isn’t exactly having the best track record out on the field.

According to Deadline:

“The project explores an eccentric but brilliant group of people who investigate crime, reveal way too much personal information, and refuse to rest until justice has been served…sort of. A lone wolf, Angie is not thrilled when told she has to work with a partner.”

In the promo, the show is described as “a cop show so electrifying it should be a crime.” The slapstick nature of the comedy is heavy which has worked at times with other TBS sitcoms, and could go a long way for Jones, who hasn’t been able to really play slapstick in comedy. Before this turn most often than not Jones has been the straight man to whatever comedic situation is happening around her.


This particular show boasts some nice guest appearances as well, with the likes of Lisa Kudrow and Gary Cole joining in on the fun. In addition to Jones, Deon Cole, Jere Burns and Andree Vermeulen also star on the show.

Rashida hasn’t talked about her food-centric dramedy she sold to ABC, but since she’s been supporting a few projects via her personal Twitter, we can probably expect a few words about the show from the actress in the upcoming weeks. Additionally Jones is also producing a new NBC comedy starring How I Met Your Mother’s Cristin Milioti called A to Z.

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