AshLee Frazier Flirts With Marquel Martin On Twitter: Graham Bunn Romance Over?

AshLee Frazier may have come on Bachelors in Paradise with the goal of meeting Graham Bunn, get to know him and possibly grow the relationship to something more. And while Graham did feel odd at times because AshLee was so aggressive with him, he never really questioned her about it.

On yesterday’s episode of the show, Frazier was left alone for a moment after she tried to give Graham her rose. Bunn was shocked over what he had just learned about her as Michelle Money had just told him that Frazier had slammed Clare Crawley, and had tried to sabotage Clare’s relationship with Zack.

According to a new tweet, AshLee Frazier decided to send a sweet message to Marquel Martin, who was sent home after not receiving a rose. But she had nothing to say to Graham Bunn, who was clearly heartbroken over learning this news about Frazier.

“It was such an honor to meet Marquel Martin. Such sweet special moments spent together during #BachelorInParadise,” AshLee tweeted to Marquel last night.

“Love u ash! Miss our fashion talks already,” he replied back.

As for Graham, AshLee Frazier had nothing to say. Just like on the show, she said nothing to let people know how she really felt. As for Bunn, he did have something to say. He simply posted an Instagram picture.

“My real and your real ain’t the same. That’s why we don’t click,” read the quote on the picture.

Based on his picture, it appears that AshLee Frazier didn’t get what she wanted. While Frazier may not be eager to share her failed romance with the world, Graham has spoken out about the shock of learning who AshLee really is.


“AshLee’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating,” he told ABC News. “How can such a pretty girl have such an ugly side to her?”

It is clear that they are no longer together, but her flirtatious statement to Marquel could hint that she is single and ready to mingle. Marquel left the show behind single, because he didn’t make a connection with anyone. But after being on Bachelors in Paradise, AshLee Frazier may not have the best possible reputation.

According to The Inquisitr, Frazier did issue an apology for speaking negatively about Clare Crawley, thinking that her comments were not captured by the cameras. While Clare may not be eager to forgive, others may just be cautious when it comes to a friendship with her.

What do you think of AshLee Frazier flirting with Marquel after things didn’t work out with Graham?

[Image via ABC and Pop Tower]