Katt Williams On Suge Knight Shooting: He Wasn't The Target

Katt Williams, the famous African American comedian, has offered his side of what really happened during the Suge Knight shooting. He claims the Death Row Records CEO wasn't the intended target when it all went down at the West Hollywood nightclub before the VMAs.

Williams has been known for his standup and his distinct look of disbelief, which has been the basis behind several memes. His main aim in comedy in recent years has been political humor, though now it seems he's ready to take on journalism for the moment.

Katt Williams claims he was with Suge Knight when the bullets started flying, and the Death Row Records boss actually took the bullets to protect someone else. Chris Brown was mentioned in the conversation where he revealed his side of the story, but he didn't say who the bullets were actually aimed at.

Williams told the press that it wasn't about gangs:

"Now if you're an idiot you can believe this was about Suge Knight. But Suge Knight has been accessible every day of his life for 20 years. We know who it was aimed at. We know whose life he saved. And we know why they won't talk about it … If it was gang-related then why didn't it happen thoroughly? You see there's parts of this story that just don't seem to make sense. You're saying it was gang-related. So, that means somebody's gang was shooting at somebody's gang and somebody's gang didn't shoot back. That's your story? That's not really how gang stuff works, is it?"
Katt Williams also stated that it was 20 minutes after the Suge Knight shooting when the police actually showed up:
"I'm pretty sure Suge knows who shot Suge... If the police say nobody shot him I believe nobody shot him. And if nobody shot him then that's the same nobody that shot Tupac. And if nobody shot Tupac it's the same nobody that shot MLK. And if nobody shot him that's the same person that shot Malcolm X too. It's a lot of nobodies out there. And nobody minds if nobody comes up missing, right? That don't bother nobody does it? It certainly doesn't bother me... I'm saying the police said they arrested the shooters. Then said they didn't arrest the shooters. But I was there. So, I know that 20 minutes after people were laying down on the ground shot, no police had entered the club yet."
Comedian Katt Williams urges everybody concerned to keep Suge Knight in their prayers and try to avoid the negativity that he claims the media is spreading.

Do you agree with Williams' statement about the Suge Knight shooting?

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