Katt Williams Pulls Gun Out At Comedy Store [Report]

The odd behavior of Katt Williams continues. Over the past few years the comedian has had trouble with the law due to erratic behavior. According to TMZ, Katt Williams has reached a new low. If going by reports, the star pulled out a gun at the Los Angeles venue Comedy Store, which prompted cops to swarm the place in search of the comedian.

A 911 call was made on Tuesday when Katt decided to pull a gun on an unidentified person who was heckling the comedian. According to witnesses on the scene, the person was making jokes about Williams’ race and height, and that’s when things escalated.

According to a source the comedian “went crazy” and started to make threats with a gun. It’s not known whether the fight escalated from there, but someone did call 911 at some point to report a man with a gun at the Comedy Store.

The call prompted the police officers to arrive at the scene, guns pointed at the club as they made their way in. Unfortunately for the officers, the man in question, Katt Williams, made an exit prior to their arrival. As of right now there isn’t a warrant out for Katt’s arrest. Currently police are still investigating the matter.

As we previously reported Katt has been in the news over the years for his odd behavior. One saw Williams slapping a Target employee for calling him the n-word. Oddly enough he explained this whole situation when he was playing a gig at the Comedy Store, which is the same location where he allegedly pulled a gun out at a heckler.

Back in 2012 Katt said:

“This is what the dude at Target said … ‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er. Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?”

The former target employee, Forrest Liebenberg, came forward and denied ever calling Williams the n-word. Despite Williams being brought up on battery charges, the employee was fired for how he handled the situation. Katt was still adamant about the occurrence and later said, “It was a situation where I got into it with one guy who decided he was going to make me hit him.”

Other odd run ins with the law include a police chase in Sacramento. Originally the comedian was charged with a misdemeanor for evading police after his three-wheeled chase back in November of 2012. Eventually he avoided jail time and was sentenced to 428 hours of community service.

[Image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com]