Katt Williams Sentenced Following Sacramento Police Chase, Still Faces Target Assault Charges

Actor and comedian Katt Williams was sentenced to 90 days of community service on Thursday.

Williams has come under constant scrutiny over the last several months. At one point, Williams slapped a Target employee and then claimed the man used the n-word against him. The slap was caught on video, but the Target employee’s alleged verbal assault was not heard.

Katt Williams was sentenced to serve out his community service in Los Angeles County where he currently lives. Williams was also sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation.

Williams was also ordered to pay $70 in court costs.

Standing outside of the L.A. County Court House, Kat said of his sentence: “At some point you have to take responsibility for the mistakes and let everybody move on.”

With this case behind him, Katt Williams still faces battery charges in his Yolo County case. That case involves the Woodland Target customer he slapped on the same day as his Sacramento police chase that led to today’s community service. Williams is facing a misdemeanor battery charge for his assault against the Target employee.

In the Target attack, Williams says he slapped Forrest Liebenberg after he called him the n-word. According to Williams: “It was a situation where I got into it with one guy who decided he was going to make me hit him.”

Leibenberg soon after Williams made his statement adamantly denied the charges. According to Forrest, “The people who were there know what was said, so I totally disregard (what he says). It totally didn’t happen.”

While Liebenberg lost his job for how he handled the situation, he did manage to show restraint after being attacked. Liebenberg’s restraint, which was caught on video, could spell more trouble for Katt Williams.

Do you think Katt Williams got what was coming to him and will likely receive more bad news in his lawsuit against Forrest Liebenberg?

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