Katt Williams Pays $284,000 In Back Taxes, Still Owes $4 Million

Comedian Katt Williams is taking care of his federal taxes. Williams this week paid a massive $284,000 to the IRS. Williams owed the money for taxes dating back to 2007. After that time, it appears Williams stopped paying much of his income to the federal government.

Williams had a lien filed by the IRS in 2010 and was handed down back taxes plus fines of $284,419.67.

While the IRS removed that lien on January 23, 2013, Williams is far from out of the woods at this time. In 2012, the IRS discovered another tax avoidance situation and hit Williams with a lien valued at nearly $4 million.

Katt Williams has come under fire over the last several months. Williams was caught on video punching a target employee who allegedly called him the n-word. Williams also got into a fight outside of a nightclub, allegedly once again over outward racism.

Three days ago, Katt was warned by a judge not to miss any more of his court appearances stemming from his felony reckless evasion charges. Williams claimed to miss his court appearance to deal with child custody hearings. The comedian has been dealing with child custody issues ever since he was arrested on charges of child endangerment.

When Suge Knight is your tour manager and constantly bailing you out of jail, the likelihood of turning your life around and taking responsibility for your actions is probably pretty low.

Do you think Katt Williams is finally getting his life together, or is he still underwater with $4 million owed to the IRS?

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