Suge Knight Has Not Been Arrested, Contrary to Internet Rumors, Murderer of Tupac Still at Large

Suge Knight should have kept his mouth shut after the Tupac hologram, as the internet has kicked back into gear, indicting the rap world mogul for the death of his friend Tupac Shakur.

Suge Knight has long been a central figure in the narrative of the rise and fall of Tupac (at the peak of the rapper’s fame), and even was present in the vehicle in which Tupac was fatally wounded the night of the killing. Knight’s questionable business practices and rep as a heavy did not serve him well after his friend’s death, and rumors have long persisted that Suge Knight was somehow responsible for the murder of the West Coast’s most promising hip-hop star.

If one thing is clear when it comes to Suge Knight and the deaths of Biggie and Tupac, conspiracy reigns. In 2012, we’re no closer to finding out what really happened or who was actually responsible for the deaths of the rap legends. But for two decades, Knight has been dogged by rumors that he engineered one or both of the deaths, mainly, it is thought, to boost his bottom line.

Even now, Twitter is abuzz repeating the rumor that Suge Knight has been arrested for Tupac’s murder, with some sample tweets below:

“AGAIN.. Suge Knight will NEVER be arrested and convicted of Biggie and Tupac’s murders because he has LAPD on his payroll..#BehindTheMusic”

“Anybody suggest we use the Tupac hologram to scare a confession out of Suge Knight yet? Christmas Carol with Ebenezer Suge would work too.”

“Wow.. Diddy and Suge Knight bout to be going to jail for a long time if they really did solve this case..”


Alas, no breaks have been made in the cold case, and Suge Knight has not been arrested for Tupac’s death- but he probably isn’t helping the PR situation by claiming that Tupac isn’t really dead.