Hugh Laurie sings the blues in ‘Let Them Talk’

Considering that Hugh Laurie is a Golden Globe winner and an Emmy nominee, you might expect that he would have a certain level of confidence in his endeavors. In the case of his first studio album, “Let Them Talk“, that isn’t so. In fact, he says he was “absolutely terrified.”

If this is the first you’re hearing of a Hugh Laurie album, Let Them Talk is an album heavily steeped in New Orleans-style blues. Yeah, you read that right – a British-born actor made a blues album in a style popular in the South.

As strange as that may sound on the surface, Laurie takes the album, and style in which he draws from, very seriously.

“I’m approaching the source of this music that I’ve loved all my life and I do so with trepidation and a lot of respect,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I hope people will believe and understand I’m not being cavalier about it. This is not a casual thing for me at all. This is more important than almost anything I’ve ever done.”

Let Them Talk debuted over in Laurie’s homeland on May 9 of this year, but it’s just now – today, in fact – making its way over to the States. Laurie’s first album debuted in the United Kingdom at #2 on the charts.

To see more of Laurie’s interview with the Associated Press, check out the embedded video below.