Pope Francis Decrees Who Or What ‘The Most Dangerous Enemy’ Of The Church Is

Out of all the popes within the history of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis is probably the most popular. If he isn’t in the news promoting some form of universal peace among people, such as his passionate plea for peace and tolerance in the wake of Northern missile launches, he – or at least the Vatican – are in the midst of some controversy. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on such controversies which includes the interception of cocaine addressed to the Vatican as well as the discovery that someone there is accessing porn.

Now, the latest news pertaining to Pope Francis has teamed up with the American Life League. They will both launch a campaign called Defend the Family. Their mission is to expose what they are calling the “most dangerous enemy” of the Catholic Church: Planned Parenthood.

Initiated by Margaret Sanger – who is recognized as the woman who popularized the term “birth control” – Planned Parenthood has been known as a resource for a woman’s right to choose. However, it is more like war and peace with the company because their mantra of “Care, No matter what.” is steeped in conspiracies of racism and eugenics. Why is it the majority of all Planned Parenthood clinics are in African American and Hispanic neighborhoods?

Nevertheless, the company started by Margaret Sanger is now known as the most dangerous enemy of the Catholic Church. According to an article by Life News, the announcement came in anticipation of the Vatican’s October 2014 Synod on the Family. Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, stated the following about Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood has torn apart the family like a pack of ravenous wolves. The pro-life movement and the Church must stand together, face this threat, and shield our families from Planned Parenthood’s continued assaults.”


A reported titled The Vatican Can Help Save Souls from Planned Parenthood in 2014. HERE’S HOW details in English, Spanish, Italian, and French a case that an official declaration from the Vatican that Planned Parenthood is the enemy of the Church. This would surely be a powerful weapon for families to use to defend themselves from the pro-choice progressive views.

Charisma News followed up on in an article in which they report this is a game changer for the war between pro-life and pro-choice. Michael Hichborn, ALL’s director of Defend the Faith contributed to this by stating the following.

“An official declaration of Planned Parenthood as an enemy of the Church will be a real game changer. Such a declaration will prevent Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers from serving in positions of responsibility in our parishes. Simply put, Catholics could no longer hide behind an uninformed conscience in order to assist or promote Planned Parenthood or its agenda and be able to continue calling themselves Catholics in good standing.”

What do you think about Pope Francis’ claims that Planned Parenthood is the most dangerous enemy of the Church? Is he right? Do you think the claims that Planned Parenthood destroys families is true? Please let us know in the comments below.