December 6, 2016
'Star Wars Episode VII' News: Cast Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Filming To Resume

The latest news about the Star Wars Episode VII production include videos of the cast taking the extremely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We also have some indication that filming is ready to resume, after a break following actor Harrison Ford's leg injury.

Even though the production has been on a short hiatus to allow original cast member Harrison Ford time to recover, news about Star Wars Episode VII has been steady. Most of it is not confirmed officially, so we take it with a big grain of salt; however, we're not complaining.

We have been talking about the original cast members returning to reprise their roles, but there's been news concerning the newbies. Mostly unknown actress Daisy Ridley -- who will star in the entire trilogy -- and co-star John Boyega were in Los Angeles recently, hanging out with director J.J. Abrams. It looked like they were having a good time, which is a good sign that things are going smoothly on set.

Star Wars Episode VII new cast members.

The meeting suggested that during the break from filming Star Wars Episode VII things were still moving along, with Abrams getting to know their stars better. The director followed Star Wars creator George Lucas' practice of including established and unknown actors for this chapter of the new trilogy. After all, that is how Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher became household names when they were cast in the original trilogy.

Before Star Wars Episode VII resumes filming, cast members were taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has been taking the world by storm and the force was definitely with the actors who have braved the freezing water.

Daisy Ridley -- who

" title="Twitter" target="_blank">is back in London -- was the first Star Wars Episode VII cast member to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge, here is her video:

As you heard, Daisy was brave enough to nominate original cast member Mark Hamill a.k.a Luke Skywalker to do the same:

Harrison Ford joined in the fun for the worthy cause from his home in Wyoming, indicating that he is still not back at work on Star Wars Episode VII, but will hopefully be soon:

Of course, we couldn't have Han Solo without Chewbacca, and so Peter Mayhew was also nominated to take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Other Star Wars Episode VII cast and crew members who have been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge are director J.J. Abrams, Gareth Edwards -- slated to direct Episodes VIII and IX, and current cast member Oscar Isaac. May the force be with all those who help the creative ALS Association campaign.

[Image via Andrews7/Deviantart]