‘Star Wars Episode VII’: New Cast Members Hang Out With J.J. Abrams

We don’t know much about Star Wars Episode VII, but we’re getting a lot of social media love from J.J. Abrams (relatively speaking). The latest comes in the way of some very cool photos, which show the director hanging out with a couple of his new cast members and a third surprise guest.

Of course, anytime photos of any nature surface, people start speculating and wondering what is behind them. Knowing full well that celebrities, especially directors like Abrams don’t share much of anything related to their projects with anyone, much less post in on Twitter, we shouldn’t read too much into these photos.

But when we realized the Star Wars Episode VII director spent a night out with cast members Daisy Ridley and John Boyega we paid attention. Another director also joined the trio, Edgar Wright, a good friend of Abrams, which led to even more speculation.

The photos come courtesy of Wright (The World’s End), who posted this bit to Twitter, with the caption “Star Wars spoiler,” followed by two photos of Ridley and Boyega:

Now many are talking about the chance that Wright could be collaborating with Abrams on Star Wars Episode VII, since he was allowed to direct one scene from Star Trek Into Darkness. One interesting thing was the time zone, the tweet indicates that they are in PST, which in turn means that the production is still on break, after Harrison Ford got injured and at least some of the cast is still in Los Angeles.

The other cool photo came from new Star Wars Episode VI cast member John Boyega, who shared this pic of Daisy Ridley and himself with a goofy looking Abrams. Not something we see every day.

The one thing we can take away from this photo is that the director and the newbies are getting along and seem to enjoy each other’s company. It is a good sign and hopefully it means that things are light and fun on set, which is super important since these actors are mostly Americans, who are working thousands of miles from home on this mega production that is Star Wars Episode VII.

We also see one interesting bit on John Boyega’s Instagram, Edgar Wright is in the background (do you see him back there?). Again, however tempted, we shouldn’t read much into it.

It is good to see Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams spending some time with his new cast members. It was recently announced that Ridley would be part of the entire trilogy, which suggests she plays a major character going forward in the new saga.

[Image via Twitter]

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