Ukraine President Dissolves Parliament, Russian Tanks And Artillery Roll Into The Country

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko has dissolved parliament and called for early elections in October. The Ukrainian president’s shocking move comes as reports surface that Russian tanks have entered the southeast region of the country. The Associated Press is now reporting that journalists on the ground say they saw Russian artillery being transported and unloaded for use by rebel forces.

Petro Poroshenko released the announcement about dissolving parliament on Monday afternoon. The release which immediately garnered international headlines, was posted on the Ukraine president’s website. The leader said the decision was made in compliance with the country’s constitution – noting that the ruling body has collapsed several weeks ago.

The dissolution of the Ukrainian parliament comes just one day prior to the planned summit between Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some political experts feel that announcing the end of the existing governing body in the Ukraine could be a response to pressure for a “negotiated end” to the conflict with Russia instead of pushing forward in an attempt for a military victory.

During August Ukrainian military forces have reportedly made “substantial inroads” against pro-Russia separatists in the eastern region of the county. The soldiers have reportedly been able to seize control of several towns that had been under the control of pro-Russia rebels since the spring. The military achievements came at a price – more than 2,000 Ukrainian citizens and 726 soldiers were killed. The number of rebels killed remains unverified. Ukrainian leaders maintain that 250 pro-Russia rebels fighting near Olenivka were killed during the battle for the Donetsk-are city.

Earlier today a column of Russian armored vehicles and tankers arrived where the most intense fighting with Ukrainian soldiers was said to be taking place. Colonel Andriy Lysenko, Ukraine National Security Council representative, stated that two armored vehicles, 10 tanks, and two supply trucks crossed the border near Schherbak. According to the council spokesman, the nearby city of Novoazovsk was subject to heavy shelling by Russian forces. Lysenko added that the military vehicles were adorned with the separatist Donetsk rebel flag.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the media he had no information about the column of armored trucks and tanks entering the Ukraine.

An excerpt from a Fox News report about the ongoing battle in the Ukraine:


“The reported incursion and shelling could indicate an attempt to move on Mariupol, a major port on the Azov Sea, an arm of the Black Sea. Mariupol lies on the main road between Russia and Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Russia annexed in March. Capturing Mariupol could be the first step in building a slice of territory that links Russia with Crimea.

Although Mariupol is in Ukraine’s separatist Donetsk region, most of the fighting between separatist rebels and Ukrainian troops has been well to the north, including around the city of Donetsk, the rebels’ largest stronghold. A full offensive in the south could draw Ukrainian forces away from the fight for Donetsk.”

What do you think of the announcement by the Ukraine president and the reports of Russian tanks rolling into the country? Are World War 3 fears warranted?

[Image Via: Daily Stormer]