‘The Big Bang Theory’ Wedding News: Will Penny And Leonard Make It To The Altar This Season?

Big Bang Theory fans are probably pretty excited about getting to see what a Penny/Leonard wedding will look like. Will there be a chocolate fountain shaped like R2D2? Will Sheldon wear a Flash T-shirt underneath his suit? Will the groomsmen rock Star Trek communicators instead of boutonnieres? And how drunk will Penny have to get before making it down the aisle?

Unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory probably won’t answer these questions anytime soon. Showrunner Steven Molaro recently talked to TV Line about what’s in store for Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki’s characters during Season 8, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be in any rush to get to the altar. Here’s what Molaro said when he was asked if viewers will get to see a Lenny wedding this season:

“I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it. They’re in a great place. They’re the kind of couple where they can be engaged for a while and that’s fine.”

You know what this means — Penny and Leonard will have plenty of time to break up and make up a few more times before The Big Bang Theory reaches its conclusion. Penny probably also wants to get her life together before becoming a bride, and she’ll spend some of Season 8 doing just that. According to Molaro, Penny is going to temporarily give up on her dream of becoming a successful star like Kaley Cuoco so that she can bring in a steady income.

“In the first episode back [on September 22], she will embark on a brand new career, and that will be taking up a lot of her time and energy. Bernadette has helped to get her a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep at her company. She is going to put her failed acting career on the backburner for a while.”

You might be wondering how Penny could possibly become a successful pharmaceutical sales rep — it’s easy to imagine her stumbling over the names of medications and struggling to learn their chemical makeup. However, Penny’s background in acting might help her sell drugs — she can always fake being knowledgeable about exciting new pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Being a hot girl who knows how to flirt also doesn’t hurt when it comes to sales.

“She’s cute and flirty and gets along with people, and she’s great at memorizing lines. This is a job that will fit her personality and talents well.”

Unfortunately, Penny’s success could have a negative effect on her relationship with Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. As The Inquisitr previously reported, her increased income is going to cause a power shift that will “unbalance their relationship.” She’s also going to get a good dose of self-esteem and confidence, and this could be bad news for Leonard — she might decide that she can do better.


Penny isn’t just going to put her wedding on hold so that she can focus on work. According to HitFix, Molaro offered another reason for the long Lenny engagement on The Big Bang Theory:

“They are engaged, but the wedding is sometime off in the future and they’re not in a rush. Penny’s first goal is to put the date far enough off in the future that everyone knows that she’s not pregnant.”

He also said that “there’s no plans for babies at any point,” so don’t expect to see Amy pregnant after getting artificially inseminated with Sheldon’s sperm (this might be the only way viewers will ever get to see a Shamy baby on The Big Bang Theory). However, Kaley Cuoco could always get knocked up real quick and force the writers to write her pregnancy into the show.

Are you disappointed that there will be no Big Bang Theory wedding during Season 8, or do you think that there might as well be a shark at the end of the aisle if Leonard and Penny ever make it to the altar?

[Photo Credit: CBS via CliqueClack]