These Rebellious People Breaking Rules Will Have You Smiling All Week

Rules are made to achieve order out of chaos. They tell us what is right and what is wrong. Rules are guides and remind us that our lives are governed by some with higher authority. However, rules are meant to be broken. The people in these images have taken it upon themselves to violate the rules in a very literal sense. When the ‘Get back to work, its Monday’ rule will harass you, just remember the courageous audacity of these people.

Arrrgh! To The Depths I Say

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Grandma Will Sleep Wherever She Damn Pleases

Image Credit | Epic LOL

Hey, He's Just Half-way Through That That Book. Cut Him Some Slack

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The World Often Tells You To Look The Other Way... Well, Not This Time!

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This Park Doesn't Allow Headless Trespassers. Well?

Image Credit | Fundir

I Don't See A No. Do You?

Image Credit | Pam

Did The Driver Get Distracted By The Bright Yellow Sign?

Image Credit | The Sun

You Were Saying?

Image Credit | Willrl

The Mind Has No Shackles Except Those That You Yourself Put

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But It So Inviting

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They Didn't Specify Which Balls And What Sport

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The Goat Is In It Too. Maybe That's Her Hill?

Image Credit | Daily Goat

Let Me See What's All The Fuss About

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Well, How Did That Happen? Bravo Tree, Bravo

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What Will The World Order Us To Do Next? No Breastfeeding?

Image Credit | Boredpanda

Maybe That Sign Is Right After All? Who Cares!

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Well, Tell That To The Dog

Image Credit | Francisco Trindade

Bossy people, signs and establishments are irritating and often described as “fun-suckers.” More often than not, these rules or demands seem downright silly or pointless. There’s a difference between a scary rebel, someone who defies the rules put into place to keep everyone safe, and a hilarious rebel, one that likes to ignore the silly rules – the ones we all wonder about but often mind regardless. Well enough is enough, said these people, animals and even trees. These “courageous” souls have proved the frivolity of the rules and signs.

Featured Image Credit | Imgur