Kirk Cameron Says Loss Of Faith In Evolution Led Him To God During ‘Growing Pains’

Kirk Cameron became famous for his role in the popular TV show Growing Pains, but the actor says it was at the peak of his popularity that he found God.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the latest big movie from Cameron was called Unstoppable, which attempted to discuss the problem of evil.

Growing up as a child actor, Kirk Cameron says he began to question certain beliefs he was taught in school, including the theory of evolution:

“I think eventually if people are thoughtful you start asking grown up questions like, ‘How did the world get started? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?’ and I guess when I, as a child, I just sort of had blind faith in the fairytale that they way we got here was from goo to the zoo to you,” he said. “I finally said that doesn’t sound right and someone took me to church and kind of opened my eyes to what I believe is the truth about who we are and why we’re here and so when I was about 18 years old I wanted to start living my life in a way that said thank you to the way God made me.”

Kirk’s stance on evolution and creationism has earned him plenty of critics over the years. Even though Cameron has not released a movie or video on the subject, there are atheists who still discuss the debates to this day. For example, one atheist made the ice bucket challenge in this manner:

Today, Cameron wears the label of “Christian actor” proudly, and when he makes a movie, his stories “are really about themes that I think resonate in people’s heart, at least they do in my own family.” His latest movie, Mercy Rule, was released straight to DVD. It’s a story about a local little league that teaches a lesson about “mercy, patience, sacrifice and trusting God.”

Cameron also has a message for fellow Hollywood celebrities, claiming that they need to set a good example:

“I think that when anyone is in the spotlight…you’re always going to be held to a higher standard and we should be held to a higher standard because we’re influencing more people than others might be. With the privilege of a platform comes great responsibility…[We’ve] got to be careful with what we say and how we say it and everything should be seasoned with grace and while I certainly I don’t do that perfectly, I strive to do it increasingly.”

Do you agree with Kirk Camera that celebrities need to set a higher standard?

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