Marley & Me Continues Box Office Domination

Jennifer Aniston played her cards well last year, didn’t she? First she called Angelina Jolie’s actions “uncool,” dredging up the drama we had put to rest, and then she took off her clothes for the cover of GQ and a saucy spread, too.

With that in mind, is it any surprise that Marley & Mehas rocketed to the top of the box office this weekend (again)? Besides all the revealing interviews and partial nudity, Jennifer really made the rounds, promotionally speaking, and now the film has made more than $100 million in 11 days.

I’m surprised that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (in which Brad Pitt stars) has slipped into third place, but it’s not like it’s a contest, right? FOX News reports on the current situation at the box office, wondering just how long this kinda-fake feud will propel them:

“[Marley & Me] could very well hit $100 million by Monday [ed. note: And it so did!], making Aniston the box office champ in her tempest in a teapot triangle.Certainly, the publicity didn’t hurt from the little soap opera. The cast of characters in their real life story learned that a long time ago. The Aniston-Pitt-Jolie saga made both Aniston’s The Break Up and Jolie and Pitt’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith each big hits. The question is, can they all keep it going for the next round of their respective releases[?]”

I’m sure that dramz will last through 2009 and beyond, no problem.