Ed Sheeran: Upcoming Collaborations; Announces U.S. Tour Dates

There’s enough going on in Ed Sheeran‘s world right now to make any dedicated fan’s head spin. From multiple music collaborations to an upcoming U.S. tour, it seems like Ed Sheeran has all the right stuff. Since 2011, Ed Sheeran has attracted the attention of entertainment industry icons like Elton John and Jamie Foxx and has befriended and toured with Taylor Swift. He also has done a stint as a celebrity guest judge on the most recent singing reality show The Voice. So what is next on the docket for Ed Sheeran? It looks like more of the same with a little mix of the old meeting the new.

Most recently, MTV reported that Ed Sheeran surprised a group of lucky fans at a school in Sydney with an impromptu performance as part of his tour diary. During this performance, Sheeran debuts his song “All of the Stars”, which appears on the soundtrack for the hit movie The Fault in Our Stars. Watch the video of that performance here:

The English-born singer-songwriter also has some pretty notable collaborations in the works. According to CMT News, a project could likely be in the works between Ed and country music duo Florida Georgia Line. What seems like such an odd pairing, actually might be magic in the works. Only time will tell. It is possible that Ed Sheeran might simply co-write some music with him as he has already done this with gal pal Taylor Swift, One Direction, Hilary Duff, Usher and Skrillex in the past. Perhaps the key to Sheeran’s success is remaining open to working with those who don’t exactly fit into “his” genre of music.

Another interesting collaboration that is potentially on the horizon is between Sheeran and hip hop artist Tinie Tempah. In a recent interview, Tempah called for an opportunity to work with Sheeran:

“I love Ed Sheeran. We’ve known each other for a long time. Making the right song together is kind of overdue. I’m really looking forward to working with Ed.”

Sheeran’s most recent album X has been out for a little over a month already and is receiving critical acclaim. The lead single “Sing”, which was released in April, was the first of his songs to reach number one on the UK charts. The album itself would debut in the number one spot in the UK, selling an impressive 180,000 copies in the first week of it’s release. In the U.S., X would become Sheeran’s first number one on the Billboard 200. USA Today summed up what to expect from of Sheeran’s new offering:

“[It’s a] rare album[s] that satisfies expectations while simultaneously raising them, [which] showcases the sweet, achingly vulnerable songs.”

Indeed it appears that the sky’s the limit for Ed Sheeran. Catch him at a show during his U.S. tour this fall.

[Photo credit: Wow247]