Slimy Instagram Pimp Finally Arrested And Charged With Sex Trafficking

Some people in this dreary world possess no moral fiber whatsoever. One such person happens to be Wellington Brown, a slimy 25-year-old Connecticut resident who used Instagram to document his pimp lifestyle. According to The Smoking Gun, the nefarious Instagram pimp was finally arrested and charged, along with co-conspirator and girlfriend Sheena Davis, in late July for the sex trafficking of minors:

“Following a year-long federal investigation, Wellington Brown, 25, was arrested July 30 for sex trafficking. The Connecticut man is accused of running a stable of teenage prostitutes whose services he advertised on, the online classifieds site preferred by pimps.”

According to the official FBI affidavit, this Instagram pimp had five minors ranging from 15 to 17 years of age working for him. Their assigned names were “China,” Chocolate,” “Delicious,” “Desire,” and “LaLa.” His girlfriend Sheena Davis’ job was to drive them to appointments, where they were then required to engage in sexual activity with johns.

The good news: According to the CBS-affiliated television station WFSB, both Brown and his girlfriend are currently locked up and facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison. The even better news is that the disgusting pimp duo left an easy-to-follow trail on Instagram — one that documented the sick duo’s lifestyle. What sort of lifestyle? Imagine owning $50,000 jewelry and frequently ordering shrimp and lobster from the most posh of restaurants:

Pimpanese Accussed Sex Trafficker Bling Bling Life Instagram Pimp Lobster Dinner Pic 3

The bad (if not outright sad) news is that stories of social-media-savvy pimps are becoming far too frequent. For instance, back in May, the Daily Beast told the story of Tyrelle and Myrelle Lockett, two twin brothers who were arrested and charged for using Facebook to recruit underage girls to be prostitutes. And according to CNN Money, it’s actually becoming very commonplace for pimps to use social networks as recruiting grounds for their illicit activity.

Did the Instagram pimp also use the Web to recruit girls? Nobody knows for certain yet, though the likely answer is yes. One thing that is known is Instagram isn’t limited to just pimps. Back in June, for instance, The Inquisitr introduced you to Claudia Ochoa Felix, a Mexican gangster who uses Instagram to document her perverse lifestyle — one that involves lots of guns, gangsters, and luxury.

Another thing that’s for certain is parents need to be extra wary about their kids’ online activities these days, as Miami New Times contributor Luther Campbell makes abundantly clear:

“For decades, parents protecting their daughters from predators are used to watching out for dudes who look like Bishop Don Juan. They are on the lookout for a flesh peddler dressed in a flamboyant fur coat riding around in a tricked out Cadillac. Except the modern day pimp dresses like Steve Urkel and uses Instagram and Twitter to turn tricks…. Bottom line: If you’re a parent, it’s time to be on the lookout for the Instagram Pimp.”


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