Andi Dorfman And Josh Murray Update: ‘The Bachelorette’ Pair In ‘A House Divided’

How are Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2014 doing these days? The two got engaged in the Season 10 finale this spring, and fans are hopeful there’s a wedding ahead. According to Andi’s latest Instagram post, though, there may be trouble in paradise. What’s the scoop?

It seems that Andi and Josh are living in a house divided. Luckily, the issue at hand is one that surely they can work through, or learn to live with at the very least. What’s the problem? Andi may be a fan of University of Georgia football, but it seems ultimately she’s a Louisiana State University girl at heart, as that’s her alma mater. Josh is, as The Bachelorette fans know, a UGA guy just like his brother Aaron.

Andi and Josh headed out to play some golf, and that’s where her “house divided” joke came about. Dorfman posted a montage of shots from their outing to Instagram, and she included a shot showing her LSU Mike the Tiger golf club cover and Josh’s Uga bulldog UGA golf club cover. She joked, “House divided even in golf! #lsu #uga @joshmurray11.” The picture she posted of herself contained quite the facial expression, so some might guess that her golf performance wasn’t quite up to par that day.

The post quickly garnered almost 50,000 likes and plenty of comments. From the looks of things, Andi and Josh are spending a lot of quality time together and it seems that things are going quite well. They also recently headed out of town to watch Josh’s brother Aaron play in the Kansas City Chiefs game, and chances are good they’ll be headed to many more games.

What does the future hold for this The Bachelorette pair? During their media blitz after the finale, they said they were working toward officially moving in together and they are thinking about a spring wedding. In fact, Andi told Modern Luxury Jezebel she would love to get married on May 9, as that is the date they got engaged. As it so happens, that falls on a Saturday in 2015, so it seems that timing would be fantastic. They’ve indicated they are open to a televised wedding, and rumor has it ABC is interested too. However, it’s too soon to start banking too much on that specific date.

Fans love these two together, and they hope that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray will indeed be walking down the aisle at some point soon.

[Image via Us Weekly]