Kelly Clarkson Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson made her first post-baby appearance by accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and she did it with a smile.

The 32-year-old signer proudly accepted the challenge alongside hubby Brandon Blackstock. In the video, Clarkson admit that she and Blackstock had been trying to do the challenge in a timely manner, but were both super nervous.

According to E! News, Kelly Clarkson was reportedly nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by a number of her friends and family, and after a bit of dancing around the subject, she finally lifted the bucket and doused herself in ice cold water.

“I hope I can lift the bucket because it’s really heavy,” the 32-year-old nervously laughed before hesitating to dump the freezing water over herself according to US Weekly. In the video, Blackstock seemed to take the ice cold splash a lot easier than his wife who ran around frantically while saying, “Oh my God, that’s so cold!”

Kelly Clarkson Facebook Post

So what did fans think of Kelly’s challenge acceptance? Just check it out for yourself:

Kelly Clarkson is a trooper considering she has been very busy being a new mommy to her little baby girl, River Rose Blackstock. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, Clarkson gave birth to her bouncing baby girl on Thursday, June 12.

The pregnancy wasn’t an easy one according to the Huffington Post. Kelly reportedly described the pregnancy to Ellen DeGeneres in a rather detailed manor:

“I vomit a good dozen times a day. It’s, like, bad. I vomited before coming out here and I had a peppermint so you didn’t [know]. I’m not even kidding, it’s so bad. It’s so bad. I know it’s like so gross,” she continued. “And that’s the thing, too — you’re not attractive when you’re pregnant. Everybody tells you [that] you glow and you’re hair is pretty and you’re nails are pretty. That’s total crap. My nails are short, my hair still falls out like it’s not all lush and beautiful and I have no glow. Unless it’s, like, something left over from a bad throw up. It’s horrible.”

Considering her difficult pregnancy and the busy lifestyle that is being a mom, it was heartwarming to see Kelly Clarkson and hubby Brandon Blackstock accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together.

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