Westboro Baptist Church Protest For Robin Williams’ Funeral Receives Comedic Response

The Westboro Baptist Church protest planned for Robin Williams’ funeral may have been expected considering the groups tendency to flock toward any well-known even where they may attract attention like feces attracts flies. But now comedian Adam Hills has challenged the WBC in an appropriately comedic manner.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed that the reason the Westboro Baptist Church protest is targeting Williams is because the actor supported gay marriage and further promoted it by starring as a gay man and a cross-dresser in major films. The WBC even trolled Twitter by making tweets with a photo showing “Robin in hell” in addition to other hateful messages.

In the above video, Hills puts the Westboro Baptist Church in its place by suggesting they actually protest a location and a group that deserves their brand of attention:

“If you really believe in standing up to those threatening the Christian way of life, how about putting your money where your mouth is, taking a direct flight to Iraq and picketing the people threatening to behead Christians if they don’t convert? I will personally pay for every member of the Westboro Baptist Church to fly to Iraq right now. I’ll even fly you first class and pay the carbon offset.”

An organization called Planting Peace also responded to Westboro Baptist Church’s plans for the funeral by starting a fundraiser that would benefit sick children:

“Our neighbors at the Westboro Baptist Church have announced their intention to protest the funeral of Robin Williams. In keeping with our philosophy of addressing acts of hate and intolerance with compassion and love, we are inviting the public to show their respect and support of a man who spent his life making others smile, who was always there for others in their time of need, and who supported the greater good through works of service and charity. Please join Planting Peace in counteracting the WBC’s message of hate through a fundraising event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a cause Mr. Williams passionately and publicly supported.”

Robin Williams’ funeral is actually two separate events. The first was limited to family and friends last week and Williams’ ashes were spread over San Francisco bay. The second will be a public memorial tribute show that will be aired on August 25, 2014 during the Emmy’s award show. It’s presumed the Westboro Baptist Church protest will occur during the latter event since they were nowhere in sight during the private funeral, thank goodness.