Gerard Butler, Lena Headey to Appear in 300 Prequel?

Fans of Gerard Butler in 300 could possibly be in for a treat – the film’s prequel, titled 300:Battle of Artemisia, will reportedly feature appearances from King Leonidas and his lovely wife, Queen Gorgo (played by Lena Headey).

Although the prequel’s plot will mainly focus on new characters, producer Bernie Goldmann revealed that small parts have been written into the forthcoming film’s script that will allow Butler and Headey to reprise their respective roles.

“It’s a different story,” Goldmann said. “[However] there’s a small part for Lena [Headey]. There’s a small part for Gerry [Butler].”

Goldmann went on to say the film is likely to feature unknown actors in the lead roles, to ensure the experience is authentic. He added that a similar strategy was employed for the casting of the first 300 as well.

“When you make a period movie like that, it’s great not to know the actors,” Goldmann explained. “For me, as an audience, it always brings me into the movie more.”

When asked by MTV his thoughts on the 300 sequel and the possibility of stepping back into his role as Leonidas, Gerard Butler responded:

“I would love to get involved again, but it has to be something special. Because ‘300’ to me was such a powerful one-off experience, that there’s no point in doing it again unless it’s really great.”

300: Battle of Artemisia, originally titled Xerses, is set for release sometime in 2013.

Watch Butler talk about his possible role in the film below:

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