Henry Cavill Shows Off Buff Body in Superman Costume For 'Batman V Superman' [Photo]

Henry Cavill made waves on news and social media when he appeared on set, in Detroit, wearing and displaying his new Superman costume for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though we have already seen the British actor in Man of Steel it was very cool to finally see him on the set of Snyder's production.

We have seen plenty of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in on set photos snapped by fans with access to the areas in which Batman v Superman is currently filming, but up until Tuesday, Henry Cavill's Superman was missing in action. Not anymore and now we can sort of analyze how this suit is different from the one we saw in Man of Steel.

The differences are subtle, but one thing that we did notice is that Henry's body looks even more buff (if that's possible) than it did for the original. Here is the first really clear photo of the new costume, courtesy of MTV News.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman

Do you see any differences? What we noticed was that the costume seems to have extra padding to accentuate Henry Cavill's muscles and the color appears to be a bit weathered, doesn't look as shinny as that bright royal blue costume from Man of Steel. This is what Cavill looked like in his first Superman costume last year. Henry's face also looks more "aged" or mature if you prefer.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

The only other time we had seen Henry Cavill's Batman v Superman costume was in this promotional image, released by USA Today along with an interview of director Zack Snyder. The problem with this image is that the actor is standing sideways and you can't really appreciate the details of the costume.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman.
Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman.

Snyder said that in Batman v Superman he will work on evolving Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman as characters and defining them in a deeper way and "the fun of trying to figure out what to put in front of him that's difficult."

Cavill is definitely more comfortable in the role as he prepares to take on Superman again in Batman v Superman, Snyder shared last month.

"We've both created this guy and we can push him around a little bit," he says of Cavill's role. "The more time I spend with Henry, the more he's Superman to me."

When Henry Cavill was originally cast as Superman (amid lots of controversy, because he was British), Snyder defended his choice and said this of why he picked the Brit for Man of Steel, instead of True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello in the end:

"Henry's just...I love Joe too, by the way. Really he was the only other guy I was thinking of, to be honest, other than Henry. But in the end, I think Henry just has this innocence too (in addition to the look and physicality required for the role), he has both, which is tricky. Superman needs the teeniest bit of that. Not to be overt, but you like it to be there ever so slightly. I mean, he grew up in Kansas, that's just true, so you need a little of that (innocence)."

What do you think of Henry Cavill in his new Superman costume for Batman v Superman?

[Image via The Daily Superhero]