Another Disgusting Discovery Found In KFC Meal: What The Hell’s Going On Colonel Sanders?

It may not be such a case of winner, winner, chicken dinner, if the recent spate of gruesome discoveries found lurking in KFC meals during the past few months are anything to go by.

Once upon a time Colonel Sanders’ legendary fast food joint was a name you could trust. KFC made their mark by delivering soul food with substance and a bucket full of love for every diner who wanted to chow down on some of Kentucky’s finest.

Yet things seem to be going wrong in a big way in recent months. In June the Inquisitr reported the tragic tale of seven-year-old Oliver Hallam who was put off going to KFC for the rest of his life after biting into his chicken dinner only to find some deep fried kitchen roll inside.

If that fried surprise wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, how about the case of Nicky Hammond and her boyfriend Jordan Laidler, who, earlier this month, found a live moth inside their Pepsi drink served by one of Colonel Sanders foot-soldiers.

The disgusting discovery was made even more disgusting because poor Nicky has a phobia of moths.

To add insult to injury, Colonel Sanders’ surly troops at this particular KFC establishment refused to apologize for serving up an insect. Strewth! It beggars belief!

However, the road to hell is as long as it is wide, and it appears lessons have still yet to be learned by certain KFC establishments.

Only this week the Daily Mirror reported the sickening tale of a KFC diner who found a dead fly buried in his chicken wing.

Hardip Singh of London’s East Ham was munching contentedly on his KFC lunch when the 26-year-old made the sort of sickening find that’ll make your skin crawl and turn your bowels to liquid.

The poor unsuspecting KFC enthusiast was just seconds away from taking a big bit on the rotting corpse of a black insect. Fortunately for Hardip he saw the body and legs of the fly sticking out of the breadcrumbs just in time.

Horrified Hardip, who vowed never to return to KFC, said:

“I’d just finished a gym session and went into KFC for something to eat. I then bit into a chicken wing and saw something black there. It was a fly and it was a big one. I stopped eating straight away – it was horrible.”

Mr Singh angrily took the dead insect to the counter, was offered another snack and was bizarrely told it was no “normal fly.”

Hardip wasn’t having any of it and snapped:

“I told them I didn’t want to eat the chicken. I just wanted my money back. This has put me off KFC for ever. It’s totally disgusting, you don’t know where that fly’s been. If I ate it I could have suffered food poisoning or even worse. The whole chicken could have been contaminated.”

Fahad Masood, manager of East Ham KFC, said:

“This has never happened here before. It’s not a normal fly – it’s a seasonal fly. I think it was on the bread somewhere. It might have even landed as he was walking from the counter. We contact the pest control every week to avoid such incidents.”

A spokesperson for KFC said they were very sorry to hear about MR Singh’s experience but perhaps it’s high time Colonel Sanders thought about calling in some extra help from a certain General Gordon Ramsay before something else deep fried and nasty is found lurking within Kentucky’s finest.

It’s finger-licking foul y’all,