His Girlfriend Hated This Guy’s Dog, So He Posted A Befitting Adoption Ad

Advertisements for adoption are filled with details that are aimed at convincing the reader to check out the particular breed that is being discussed. However, this ad was meant to evoke a rather different set of emotions. This ad for adoption, put up by a guy whose girlfriend hated his dog, is worthy of an applause.

Dog lovers are often faced with a very common dilemma. Their spouse, fiancé or girlfriend/boyfriend may not share their enthusiasm for the pet. While few genuinely attempt to share your love for the canine, others aren’t so accommodating. Taking care of a dog is by no means a small feat. They are just like children and need as much attention as well. Besides there are a few other issues as well, pertaining to shedding, rambunctious behavior and other behavioral traits that the partner has to put up with.

So what did this guy do when his girlfriend strongly objected to the lovable, though rather big German shepherd? Just like any troubled dog owner, he put up an amazing ‘for adoption‘ ad online. The ad was rather explicitly detailed and self-explanatory. It reads

My girlfriend doesn’t like my dog, so I appeal to you. She is a purebred from a wealthy family and I have had her for four years. She likes to play games. Not really trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails but she loves having them done.

Everything seems rather positive till now. But the guy continues with details that might not be appealing to anyone looking to adopt:

Stays up all night yapping, but sleeps while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!

If despite reading this far the potential adopter hasn’t decided to abandon all hope, the ending of the ad is a clincher. It reads,

So…… anyone interested in my 30 year old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! Me and my dog want her re-homed!!

The Guy Might End Up Sleeping In The Kennel When His Girlfriend Sees This, But Hey, He Will Be With The One Who Loves Him Unconditionally The Guy Might End Up Sleeping In The Kennel When His Girlfriend Sees This, But Hey, He Will Be With The One Who Loves Him Unconditionally

Needless to say, the proud dog owner has clear priorities. He would rather give-up his girlfriend in a flash, rather than give up his beloved dog up for adoption just because his girlfriend objects. Though it is certainly a commendable virtue to stand by your canine companion, hope the guy didn’t have to sleep with the dogs for being rather nasty with his girlfriend on social media.

[Image Credit | Facebook]