Pit Bulls Can Be Cute Too! Here Are 15 Adorable Pit Bull Pics That Will Brighten Your Day

True dog lovers would know that pit bulls aren’t really inherently dangerous. Yes, stories of pit bull-related violence seems to appear in the local news almost every week, but this isn’t enough reason to dismiss pit bulls as monsters in canine form. Pit bulls can be vicious and violent, but the same could be said about every other dog breed we know.

If you give enough time to know pit bulls, you’d realize that they are one of the most loyal and lovable canine breeds in existence. Want some proof? These amazingly adorable photos of pit bulls might make you think differently about the world’s most misunderstood dog.

1. Pup Fiction!

pitbull featured

Image from Reddit user cjm2301

2. Pit bulls make the best babysitters!


Image from Reddit user SoloIsTheRightWay

3. This is perhaps the happiest pit bull I’ve ever seen!
pitbull3Image from Reddit user poznacky

4. Nope, sorry! This is the happiest pit bull I’ve ever seen!


Image from melgupta via Flickr

5. No! This is the happiest pit bull I’ve ever seen!


Image from Heather Bailey via Flickr

6. I’m a pit bull. Deal with it!


Image from Calvin Fleming via Flickr

7. The prettiest pit bull bride ever!


Image from Cynr via Flickr

8. And you thought pit bulls are violent?


Image from VolandosHighlyCombustABull

9. Let me ask that question again. You really think pit bulls are vicious, merciless monsters?


This pit bull’s name is Miss Piggy and she’s up for adoption! Click here for more info!

10. Here is one pit bull showing off some of its terrifying teeth!


Image from Redditor FlashMiga

11. This adorable pit bull is going on a trip!


Image from Reddit user writepeter

12. Pit bull taking a bath after a long, tiring day of being the most hated dog on the internet


Image from Redditor rebenaba

13. So, tell me again why pit bulls should not be around children?


Image from wormwould via Flickr

14. Kids and pit bulls can even be the best-est of buds! Here’s a pair asking mommy for food.


Image from Redditor fthursdayee

15. Listen to this lady. She knows what she’s talking about.


Image from bmoredog via Flickr

Sadly, the current stereotypes about pit bulls won’t be going away soon. Many people are still eager to dismiss them as vicious, traitorous, and indiscriminately violent fighting machines. In the end, it comes down to how dog owners treat their pets. A poodle would be very violent under the hands of a cold and careless master. Similarly, a pit bull can be the best pet you’ve ever had, as long as you do your best in taking care of them.