Shi Tzu Puppy Killed By Robber: Robber Shot Man In Leg, Stole Wallet, And Slammed Puppy Onto Concrete

The Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information on an incident that happened at Onasis Coney Island that left a Shi Tzu puppy dead. Police say the puppy was only nine weeks old when it was savagely murdered in front of its owner. The robber grabbed the puppy and threw it onto the concrete, killing it before its owner’s eyes.

According to MLive, a robbery suspect, after shooting his victim, Sean Harris, in the leg with a shotgun and emptying his pockets, grabbed the man’s puppy and slammed it violently to the concrete in Detroit on Monday. The man survived the violent attack, but unfortunately his Shi Tzu puppy did not. Harris will need a skin graft and physical therapy to recover from the gunshot wound to his leg.

Harris told WDIV, that he was shot even after complying with the robbers wishes.

“They ran up on me, put the shotgun in my face. He told me to give him everything. I complied, but he told me he was going to shoot me regardless.”

Video surveillance shows one armed man and a getaway driver at the Onasis Coney Island attacking the man. Video can be seen on WDIV up unto the point the puppy was maliciously killed. The Michigan Humane Society and the police department are hoping someone will recognize the suspects from the video and turn them in. The Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information on the case.

Harris says in the video that he was just at the Coney Island to pick up some food for his mother who is diabetic. The family says that the Shi Tzu puppy frequently rides around with his owners when they run errands. In fact, the surveillance footage inside the resturaunt shows Harris holding the tiny puppy while he waited for his food. When Harris exited the building, he was attacked by the armed robber and an accomplice waiting in a sedan.

The man took a shotgun, pointed it at Harris and demanded all his belongings. Harris gave him his money but refused to give him his car keys. Harris walked towards the Coney Island door as the robber followed with the gun pointed at him. However, Coney Island employees had locked the doors so Harris was left unable to get inside. At this point, Harris said he thought “it was over.” The gunman shoots Harris in the leg and goes back for the puppy. He lifts the puppy high over his head before slamming it to the ground.

Police and the Humane Society do not know why the gunman would go back to get the puppy and murder it so viciously after already getting away with all of Harris’ money, but they do want these suspects brought to justice. If anyone recognizes the man in the video, they should contact the Michigan Humane Society cruelty line at 313-872-3401, or the Detroit police.

[Image Credit: Coney Detroit]