A Bag Of Severed Cats’ Heads Was Left On A Street, ‘Incredibly Distressing And Sickening Incident’

A gruesome discovery was made in a bin bag on a Manchester, England, street. A bag containing about five severed cats’ heads was found by a man stepping out for some food. The bag was found on the famous Manchester Curry Mile, a busy restaurant district known for a variety of establishments specializing in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine.

According to the Telegraph, the unfortunate soul to stumble across the bag of severed cats’ heads was James Robinson, 34. James described the moment he stumbled across the horrific find while walking down a side street. He said:

“I was going out for some food and walking down the side street when I saw a black bin bag filled with something that looked suspicious. When I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were about five cats’ heads in there. I can’t get over the shock of it.”

Following the find, rumors began to swirl around the use of cat meat in the local curry. Some began to wonder if the severed cats’ heads were just a by-product of a more sinister happening in the kitchens of some of these Middle Eastern restaurants. However, the Manchester City Council squished the rumors and said extremely unlikely to be food waste because the effort required to kill and dispose would be far in excess of their value as meat.

However, the council has not ruled out a racial motivation behind the dumping of the heads in this particular location. Could the cats’ heads have been strategically placed in the area aimed at smearing or intimidating business owners in the famous neighbourhood, where almost 40 per cent of residents are Muslim.

Chairman of the local Conservative Association, Stephen Woods, told the Mirror there should be an immediate investigation.

“We were all absolutely flabbergasted when we found out about this. It’s absolutely disgraceful the way they have been treated.”

Manchester police have said they are not involved in an ongoing investigation into the matter, but the Manchester council said they are personally looking into the matter and are in contact with the RSPCA.

“This is obviously an incredibly distressing and sickening incident, which we are now looking into but this is the first incident of its kind we have come across. At this stage we have no way of knowing how these animal parts came to be where they were discovered but we will be contacting the RSPCA as this is clearly an extreme example of animal cruelty.”

Though the gruesome discovery is sickening, it isn’t the only disturbing animal cruelty example from abroad. The Inquisitr previously reported on what some are calling “the most abhorrent case of animal abuse ever recorded.”

Do you think the severed cats’ heads could be a part of an elaborate scheme to discredit the Manchester Curry Mile, or was it just a random drop?