Hey Freshmen, College Is Hard — But It Doesn’t Have To Be, Just Watch This Video First

August is here and that means kids leave home for college in just a couple of weeks. In fact, some have left for college already. It’s always a difficult time for parents, especially parents of college freshmen, whose kids are leaving home for, in most cases, the very first time.

But if you have a child who’s about to become a college freshman, or if you are, yourself, about to leave for college for the first time we strongly recommend that you set aside 90 short seconds to watch this video.

Put together by our friends at BuzzFeed, most of whom are actual college graduates, this informative and entertaining video highlights 10 “rookie mistakes” that college freshmen typically make. Don’t assume you know what they are. Trust us, kids, you’re not that smart.

While to those of us who’ve been there, some of these mistakes might seem unbelievable. For example — don’t wear dirty clothes just because you don’t feel like doing laundry. Seems pretty obvious now, but think back to your own freshman year and — yeah, you know what we’re talking about. You can admit it.

So, college freshmen-to-be, we bring you the most important viral video you’ll watch this year. You can thank us later.