Media Seemingly Hellbent On Revealing Officer Darren Wilson’s Address

Darren Wilson might want to get out of town, because the mainstream media seems hellbent on revealing his exact home address to the very angry residents of Ferguson, Missouri.

For instance, during a broadcast Friday, a CNN reporter showcased Darren Wilson’s home, including the street number. The very same day, USA Today specifically mentioned the city in which Darren lives. And then a day later, Washington Post contributor DeNeen L. Brown named the street where he resides. The Daily Mail went so far as to provide a description of his home:

“His house is a $180,000 bungalow with a pool and a basketball hoop in the drive on a sleepy street in a neighborhood that one resident described as ‘solidly middle class’.”

Given all the information available, it would probably not be very difficult for an exasperated individual to track down Officer Darren Wilson’s home address. Scary stuff, right?

This all comes amid increasing frustration, looting and violence in Ferguson, where the National Guard is now present. It also comes amid reported death threats to Darren Wilson. According to the Examiner, a video posted to YouTube this past weekend “shows members of the New Black Panther party leading” what some describe as a ‘death chant‘ against Officer Darren Wilson:

“”Who do we want?’ asked a man who appears to be Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party. Protesters responded by shouting ‘Darren Wilson.’

‘How do we want him?’ the leader asked. The crowd responded with different answers, but some could be heard shouting, “dead.” Others are heard shouting ‘in jail,’ while one person can be heard yelling ‘indicted.'”

Mind you, not all of the protests in Ferguson have been against Darren Wilson. According to NBC-affiliated television station KSDK, “more than 100 people” gathered in downtown St. Louis Sunday afternoon to show their support for Officer Darren Wilson. The rally goers also passed around buckets to collect donations on behalf of Wilson and his family. Below are some pictures from the peaceful protest:

Support Our Police

Pray For Peace
Justice Assumptions

The good news for his many supporters throughout the nation is that according to The Guardian, Officer Darren Wilson was “placed on paid leave and is [currently] in hiding for security,” meaning he already left town – not that this excuses the media for putting his home address out there. The bad news is that given the tumultuous nature of this whole incident, he might need to stay in hiding for quite a long time. This despite the fact that according to Vox, Officer Darren Wilson “has no disciplinary actions on his record.”

Image via [Gateway Pundit]