June 29, 2017
Billionaire Ferguson Protest: Jack Dorsey Joins Ferguson Protest, Shows Support For Michael Brown

A billionaire took part in the Ferguson protest over the weekend, without so much as being recognized. According to NewsOXY, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, showed up in Ferguson, Missouri, on Friday to show his support for Michael Brown and document his time amongst the crowd.

"Over the weekend the social media maven shared scores of Tweets, many of them video posts from Twitter-owned Vine. Dorsey's tweets from his @jack account chronicled a day of peaceful marching and protests, with photos and videos showing people holding placards, playing drums, singing, and chanting 'Hands up, don't shoot!'"
The Twitter billionaire chronicled the Ferguson protest on his Twitter account, sharing both his own thoughts and retweeting posts from others who were experiencing the same situation. Many people are amazed that Dorsey was just blending in with the crowd, experiencing all of this first hand.The billionaire decided to attend the Ferguson protest and live tweet, which, once again, changes the face of Twitter, which has gone from a fun way to connect to people, to a celebrity hot spot, to a major news outlet, without anyone even trying. According to The SpreadIt, Dorsey shared some of the most amazing footage of the events that happened in Ferguson this weekend.
"The owner of one of the top 10 websites in the world shared that during the marches, officers threw what was thought to be tear gas, but it turned out to be smoke canisters that burned people's eyes. He also spotted many people praying and handing out flowers as they demanded justice for the dead teen."
According to The Inquisitr, a toxicology report for Michael Brown indicated that the teen had been smoking marijuana before he was shot and killed by a police officer. Of course the similarities between the Brown case and the previous case of Trayvon Martin are very similar, and while this may be "history" as we know it, the reality is very frightening to think about.

[Photo courtesy of Jack Dorsey / Twitter]