‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 6 Finale Jumped The Duck? Phil Robertson Jumps The Pond To Scotland For Season 7

With the Duck Dynasty Season 6 finale behind us, some critics are already saying the reality TV show has jumped the duck, as it were. Even though critics claim we’ll see Duck Dynasty cancelled by A&E due to the rapid fall in viewers, Duck Dynasty Season 7 is already in production and the family has already jumped the pond to get the ball rolling.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Phil Robertson was missing in action from the Iowa State Fair, some interpreted the absence as meaning trouble for the Duck Dynasty family. But it turns out the simple explanation was that Phil may have been busy secretly traveling to Scotland in order to film episodes related to finding their family roots in their Scottish heritage.

The family participated in the Inverkeithing Highland Games in Scotland, but instead of heading to the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, the bearded ones traveled to the local games in Fife and St. Andrews to learn more about their heritage and meet athletes like Blar Milligan, who said, “Me, Godwin and Martin Inverkeithing Scotland Highland Games. Welcome home boys.”

'Duck Dynasty' Season 7 To Feature Phil Robertson's Family In Scotland?

We also learned a little more about what may be planned for Duck Dynasty Season 7 since the family is said to have gone golfing. It should not be too surprising that they were spotted walking around carrying guns, so perhaps they’re also hunting in Scotland. But they might also be up to some high-level hi-jinks since witnesses say they heard “explosions” when the film crew was busy in the outdoors.

While Uncle Si was traveling to Scotland with the rest of the boys, Christine Raney Robertson celebrated the 50th anniversary of her high school graduation from George Rogers Clark High School in Winchester, Kentucky. She spoke to local newspapers like The Winchester Sun and told the story of how she met her husband Silas Robertson and how they came to live in Alabama.

Uncle Si’s wife also told us a little about what we should not expect to see in Duck Dynasty Season 7. Their son, Scott, lives with his family across the street in Alabama but their daughter, Trasa Cobern, lives in Texas. With the exception of one short moment in a family reunion episode, Christine believes it best that she, her children, and her grandchildren have not shown up in Duck Dynasty:

“It would take away from the show’s dynamic for Uncle Si’s family to be on it. He couldn’t act as crazy as he does if we were on there, and his relationship with his nephews is really what’s important to the show.”

The good-natured redneck humor has long been a reason audiences continue to tune in. Unfortunately, the final episode for Season 6 has critics calling Duck Dynasty fake and scripted:

“After the issues the Robertsons had at the end of 2013, this season felt phoned in. Lots of easy jokes, set-ups and thin plots. It seemed less about their organic family dynamics and more about putting them all in silly situations. The first few seasons were more about the business, and the push-and-pull relationships between the brothers didn’t feel so scripted and forced. This season’s vehicles for cheap laughs became less and less funny as the season went on.”

Do you think the Duck Dynasty Season 6 finale jumped the duck? Will you be back for Duck Dynasty Season 7 to check out their escapades in Scotland?

[Image via Daily Record]