Duck Dynasty Fake? Before And After Photos Of Phil Robertson’s Family Makes You Wonder

Is Duck Dynasty fake? From allegations related to scripts to photos of Phil Robertson’s family, many people are claiming the minds behind Duck Commander are faking their redneck demeanor in order to pull off the reality TV show.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the recent Duck Dynasty season 6 ratings drop has some people wondering if A&E could have Duck Dynasty cancelled if the situation does not improve. But the family is still so popular that people continue to visit their hometown in droves for Duck Commander tours, some people are apparently naming their kids after the Robertson family, and it’s even possible that Duck Dynasty’s long beards have made that fashion statement actually fashionable again.

Speaking of which, that is where the biggest accusation comes into play, and the evidence does seem to favor calling Duck Dynasty fake. It’s claimed that most of the family did not have the big beards, and thus the redneck mystique, until A&E told them to change their so-called “yuppie” looks.

For example, this is Jep Robertson prior to Duck Dynasty:

Here is Jase Robertson sans beard:

Willie Robertson even had bleached tips before Duck Dynasty:

Here’s even an older photo of the Duck Dynasty family playing golf:

Of course, it seems the majority of media outlets calling Duck Dynasty fake have a bone to pick with the Robertson family. For example, several websites supporting the LGBT community support this idea while also putting down their personal beliefs. There is even a website dedicated to showing how fake the reality TV show supposedly is, and you know you’ve struck a chord when someone create a YouTube video just to make the point:

But even if Duck Dynasty is as fake as professional wrestling, I doubt the fans would care too much since they get one important aspect right according to The American Conservative:

“Yet when all the spectacle is said and done, the explosions dissipated and competitions resolved, the family gathers in Phil and Kay Robertson’s still modest backwoods home, around the dinner table, and bow their heads while Phil blesses the food and his family with a prayer. What is seemingly not for show is the family’s tight-knit commitment to each other, and their faith. There’s a canniness to rural folks that they often don’t get credit for, as they don’t see the need to explode illusions out of some misguided worship at the altar of authenticity. They’re more concerned with what’s real. And for all the staged skits and outlandish facial hair of the Robertson family, all evidence seems to indicate that they’re real.”

Do you consider Duck Dynasty fake? If so, does it even matter?

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