‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Making Long Beards A Fashion Statement?

Has the Duck Dynasty family managed to make wearing long beards a fashion statement?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you visit the hometown of the Duck Commander it is said the quickest way to find the Robertson family is to “follow the beards.” Even a bunch of smooth-skinned business types are willing to listen to the advice of the long bearded ones.

Jonathan Pryce, has published a book for his 100 Beards, 100 Days project, and he explains why he thinks long beards have become fashionable:

“It’s also about authenticity. If you look at fashion, all men’s trends are about being as masculine as possible. Ten years ago David Beckham and metrosexuality were the height of popularity in men’s fashion. That was also around the time when flashy handbags, spending lots of money and a very extravagant lifestyle was acceptable. Now it’s not. So, for instance, Levi’s has its vintage range, there’s hardware on clothes, a lot of workwear, lumberjack shirts – all authentic, genuine, masculine traits.”

Sounds a lot like a certain redneck family we all know and love…

As another example, when a man named Ray Hernold had anyone mention his long white beard it used to be comments along the lines of Moses or Santa Claus. Now he says people describe him like the Duck Dynasty family and claim he could be dropped into West Monroe and fit right in. Hernold says he thinks American fashion has been changed by the Duck Dynasty show:

“The show started becoming popular and it became a conversation piece. Overall, I think society is more receptive of beards.”

Forget the Red Sox beards, which were eventually shaved off, it’s the Robertson family holding the reins of fashion now! Some people with long beards have so gotten used to being associated with Duck Dynasty that they even carry a duck call with them:

“Invariably someone makes a comment on my beard and either compliments me on it or says you should go on ‘Duck Dynasty.’ I just laugh and say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ I do have a couple of their duck calls.”

Of course, fashions come and go, and long beards will not be an exception. But is the reign of the long beard fashion statement already over? Writer Lee Kynaston believes this is not the case… yet:

“What the style pundits and razor companies conveniently ignore is that, the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to facial hair. To be sure, the beard has probably peaked in popularity, as things do when they become the norm, but most of the men I speak to tell me that growing facial hair – especially in a time when it was acceptable and cool to do so – has been a revelation. They’ve loved it. They’ve felt liberated by not having to shave and have loved the freedom of expression facial hair has allowed them. You can’t put feelings like that back in the bathroom cabinet. Which is why I think facial hair will stick around in some form on another for a while yet.”

Do you think the Duck Dynasty family played a large role in making long beards fashionable again?

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