August 24, 2014
WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Leaving The WWE For Mexico?

The unfortunate downward spiral that WWE superstar Rey Mysterio has endured is quite the sad story. Through injuries, creative mismanagement, and being out-shined by better workers, his career is officially down the drain. It is depressing, because at this point three years ago, he was fresh off a WWE championship match against John Cena.

That seems like a distant memory for the famous underdog. Along with the news of Mysterio not cashing his checks from WWE, there are now rumors popping up that Mysterio could find himself in AAA not too far from now.

"In a recent interview, former WWE Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich noted that Rey Mysterio is heading to AAA after he solves his contractual problems with the WWE, while confirming that recently released WWE superstar Alberto del Rio will appear at AAA's TripleMania pay-per-view on Sunday."

WWE is being very smart with their handling of Mysterio from a business perspective. As a human, it is a terrible thing they're doing and it should end immediately. They aren't abusing him, but from a financial and humanistic standpoint, they are without actually doing so.

Del Rio has already defected to AAA in Mexico, and Mysterio should be the next one in line. However, the automatic contract extension the WWE put in place for Mysterio is stymieing his inevitable departure. If Mysterio is still making money, then his family is satisfied and comfortable. That is the goal isn't it?

WWE needs to begin focusing on talent relations and how they are handling the superstars. I understand WWE's stance on Mysterio not being able to work as much as they desire. His knees are that of an 80-year old and that has to be perceived. It doesn't look like that's the case. Vince McMahon and Triple H want the most out of Mysterio before he leaves.

El Local and Kalisto

The only problem for Mysterio, a good problem maybe, is the emergence of Kalisto. Cageside Seats believes he will be the next WWE superstar to represent the Latino demographic. Kalisto is a talented wrestler who has potential within the WWE. Recently in NXT, Kalisto was on the hunt for the NXT Tag-Team championships from the Ascension.

With their debut imminent, they will drop the belts and WWE will have to hand it off to another group. Kalisto and El Local have the tag-team skills down. The duo is also a fresh face tag-team that could add a lot to the division in NXT.

However this Rey Mysterio situation shakes itself is up to both parties. Hopefully it doesn't end up ugly like the CM Punk saga. Mysterio would never walk out on the company, but the halting of cashed checks is not a good sign from his end. If the WWE is as good as they say in terms of dealing with talent, then it's time to put their money where their mouth is.

[Images via and Bleacher Report]