Florida Murder Suspect Asks ‘Siri’ Where To Hide The Body

A Florida murder suspect who allegedly killed his roommate asked the iPhone search assistant Siri where to hide the body. This was discovered during Thursday’s trial of Pedro Bravo, a man accused of brutally murdering Christian Aguilar.

The two men had allegedly had an argument over Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, when the man drugged and strangled Aguilar. The roommate murdered had currently been dating his ex.

The last day the two men were seen together, September 20, 2012, was the date of the unusual use Bravo made of his iPhone. Not only did he ask Siri about suggestions for where “to hide my roommate,” but he also used the device’s flashlight app nine times, according to Gainesville Police Department detective Matt Goeckel.

Siri, where should I hide my dead roommate? http://t.co/gzem6TzGKn

— Chris Gayomali (@chrisgayomali) August 13, 2014

The nine uses of the flashlight app revealed locations that didn’t match where the Florida murder suspect said he was that night. The total time the app had been used was 48 minutes, indicating extensive use, possibly to hide a dead body.

The last time the men were seen together was on a surveillance camera outside a Gainesville Best Buy, revealing at least one confirmed location for Bravo and Aguilar.

When Pedro Bravo made the odd request of Siri, the iPhone app jokingly offered a few suggestions, “Swamps? Reservoirs? Metal foundries? Dumps?” Apparently Bravo hadn’t taken the suggestions, instead dumping his dead roommate 60 miles away in a shallow forest grave, where Aguilar’s body was discovered by hunters three weeks later.

In this age of NSA snooping and location-recording smartphone apps, it’s usually not a good idea to ask your smartphone for advice on where to hide the body of a man you just murdered. Technology can be used to track you down and reveal your lies.

Better yet, just don’t murder your ex-girlfriend’s new guy, even if he happens to be your roommate. Talk it out if you must, because murder is a crime.

Two years later, Florida murder suspect Pedro Bravo is learning these things the hard way.

[image via mashable]