Teenager Caught Living At Corsicana Walmart

A teenager decided to make the Corsicana Walmart his home. The 14-year-old boy had been living at Walmart secretly for several days. The teenager was not simply living inside the store but had built a hidden compound to secure a home in the store, which is open 24-hours a day.

The teenager hiding in the Texas Walmart built the hidden compound on the baby products aisle. The makeshift house was hidden behind boxes of strollers. The boy had also constructed a second campsite at the Corsicana Walmart in the paper products aisle and had living quarters nestled among stacks of toilet paper and paper towels.

Customers at the Corsicana Walmart had no idea that a teenager was living inside the store. The boy had hidden some basic necessities in his mini-compounds. The Walmart teenager also made a sleeping area in his campsites and survived on food items taken from the Corsicana store. A crack was created by the boy in the back wall of the drink aisle so he could grab juice to drink as needed. A pet fish was even garnered from the animal supplies section of the Walmart to keep the boy company.

Employees at the store said the teenager living at Walmart would also change clothes every few hours to avoid being detected. Fear of being caught even prompted the 14-year-old to wear diapers to prevent the need for frequent trips to the rest room.

A trail of trash ultimately led to the discovery of the teenager living at the Corsicana Walmart. The Texas store has not filed any charges against the young man. It remains unknown why he had fled to the Walmart store. Police officers took the young man into custody and then released him to the care of relatives.

Texas Child Protective Services noted that the teenager found living at Walmart had been living with relatives but was visiting a different set of family members when he disappeared. The teenager attempted to run away from the store after being discovered by Corsicana Walmart staffers.

[Image Via: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton]