Courtney Love Admits She Lost $27 Million Of Kurt Cobain’s Money

Courtney Love says she lost $27 million of Kurt Cobain’s money through various lawsuits, but said she doesn’t feel bad and has decided to “let it go.”

Love made the admission in an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times. The former Hole singer said she blew through the fortune mostly by settling lawsuits.

“I lost about $27 million,” Courtney Love said. “I know that’s a lifetime of money to most people, but I’m a big girl. It’s rock ‘n roll, it’s Nirvana money. I had to let it go.”

But Love said she isn’t missing the fortune at all, noting that she has found financial stability on her own.

“I make enough to live on. I’m financially solvent. I focus on what I make now,” she told the Times.

With the admission that she lost $27 million, Courtney Love for the first time gave a figure to the long-rumored financial troubles she had been suffering.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were together from 1992 until his suicide two years later. Courtney was left to raise the daughter they had together, Frances Bean.

Courtney has benefited from Cobain’s music and his estate after the Nirvana frontman’s death. Recently, she has been working on a Kurt Cobain biopic, and said she was working closely to pick the right actor to play her late husband.

“CAA (Creative Artists Agency) directly sent me actors’ (demo) reels,” Love explained. “That was really tough because these boys are so pretty, so cute. I won’t name names because I don’t want to jinx it for anyone but these are 25-year-olds who are blond, gorgeous and the new Brad Pitts. There’s a ton of those. Some are really good actors, not just pretty faces.”

Though Courtney Love may have lost $27 million through various lawsuits, she won the most recent case. Love was sued by her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, after the Hole singer suggested on Twitter that Holmes took a bribe to back out of a legal battle Courtney was fighting over Kurt Cobain’s estate.

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