Selena Gomez Takes Emotional Swipe At Justin Bieber, Enough Already!

Selena Gomez appeared to call out ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber during her emotional Ultimate Choice Award speech at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.

Selena Gomez appeared to call out former boyfriend Justin Bieber during her emotional Ultimate Choice Award acceptance speech at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.

The 22-year-old was presented with the highest accolade of the event for her work in TV, music and film to date.

Bieber, her on-off boyfriend of four years wasn’t at the dizzyingly-categorized TCAs. But his presence during Gomez’s speech was felt loud and clear as she — perhaps unwittingly — seemed to portray herself as a victim, and her achievements as a heroic battle against the odds.

From video and gist of Gomez’s speech, it seems safe to assume her emoting was over her personal life.

After a visual montage of her work was played, Gomez took to the stage to receive her award saying:

“Thank you so much! I have to be honest — especially this month — I cannot thank you guys [enough]. You remind me amidst all the stuff that we deal with personally, you remind me of what’s important.”

“That’s giving and loving and caring about each other. I’m not trying to preach or any of that, it’s just that you guys make me better.”

“I really appreciate everything that you’ve done,” Selena added, before going on to thank her former manager, mom Mandy Teefey, as “the greatest human being in the world.”

To be clear; we like Selena Gomez. A lot. She’s been hoofing in the game for long enough to be respected and is regarded as one of the sweeter stars on the starlet block.

The actress-singer’s huge fanbase – cultivated since the age of 10 in Barney and Friends, Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, a non-offensive pop career and yet-to-be-notable film roles – has brought her wealth, fame and success.

But Gomez clearly struggles in her relationships, while at the same time, seems unwilling to take real responsibility for that.

This can be seen in the Latina’s constant need to engage in public, passive-aggressive jibes to Bieber during their many breakups, even after she repeatedly goes back to him.

First, in November 2012 in interviews and social media swipes when the couple initially split.

Then, in March 2013, with her cry-and-tell zinger on David Letterman’s The Late Show.

That same month, Gomez hit out at Bieber again in her dance video take on “Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend is a Douchebag).” The starlet made a string of declarations about the joys of singledom, notably on Chelsea Handler’s show and in radio interviews.

But, in truth, Selena was undermining her own “sisters-are-doing-it-for-themselves” image, when she was spotted with Bieber in numerous sightings throughout 2013. Then, in April, she flew out to Oslo, Norway to join Justin’s Believe world tour and later seen kissing the heartthrob in May at the Billboard Music Awards.

After pulling out of the Australia and Asia legs of her Stars Dance tour in December 2013, Gomez was later seen riding a Segway with Bieber in the first week of January 2014. She checked into rehab on January 5 for 14 days.

When the news was revealed a month later, her rep stated:

“Selena voluntarily spent time at (The Meadows in Arizona) but not for substance abuse,” while an approved Gomez source told E! News she went in to learn tools for “letting go” of her relationship with Bieber.

Some expressed doubt about Bieber being the full, or even partial, reason for Gomez’s rehab stint, which may have been due to her Lupus condition or other causes.

(Video: Justin Bieber and Gomez, in Texas dance studio filmed video, April 2014.)

The pair were later spotted in Texas in March but fell out in April at the Coachella Festival amid rumors of Bieber flirting with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It led to Selena’s unfollowing of everyone she knew on Instagram, but she and Justin later dated again in June.

At the time, a source told E! News:

“She still loves him. It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history.”

The insider added, “You just can’t drop those feelings. There is too much there.”

E! noted Bieber and Gomez have never been able to maintain that much distance, even when they were supposedly broken up.

Their reconciliation appeared to crash and burn when Justin got together with 18-year-old model Yovanna Ventura, which seems to be an ongoing casual relationship.

Selena again took to Instagram to vent her feelings publicly, even responding to a random commenter on Instagram who urged her to go back to Bieber. Selena replied: “Awww. You think I care. No. He’d rather models.”

No doubt Bieber’s fast turnover of female company has been very upsetting for Gomez.

But short of every media outlet, pal and family member skywriting: “DON’T GO BACK, JUST DON’T!” Gomez can never say she wasn’t warned by her circle and public and media comment.

Bieber, although 20, is evidently younger than that in emotional terms and clearly is not ready or willing to settle down. Many males his age feel and act exactly the same.

C’est la vie.

Selena, though seemingly mature in many ways, has a weakness for Justin, which is why it seems to have taken her so long to finally see other people (the star celebrated her 22nd birthday in St. Tropez with Royal Yacht founder, Tommaso Chiabra and friends), and at least attempt to make a clean break from the Canadian.

It’s time the Disney alum accepted her own part in not stepping away from a relationship long past its prime, and stop airing her dirty laundry with Justin publicly in order to blame or seemingly gain sympathy.

It’s neither fair to Bieber, or helpful to Gomez if she truly wants to take responsibility for her own emotional and mental health and move on. For good.