Selena Gomez Step Away From Instagram, Justin Bieber Has Moved On With Yovanna Ventura

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s rekindled relationship – or whatever that was – has bitten the dust. Additionally, Gomez has more than a few folk concerned after she posted a bunch of emotional Instagrams on Tuesday, July 8.

The actress-singer uploaded a number of cryptic posts, one of which was a screengrab of a personal text message that many speculate was sent to Selena by Justin.

After uploading three posts — two of which were praise for her fans’ comments as well as a melancholy video of herself playing the piano — Gomez posted a text message that read:

“I just wanna give you a hug and remind you how special you are.”

Selena’s caption to the text screenshot? “That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.”

The 21-year-old’s comment could be taken as a slam of a broken promise or a desire to be with whoever sent the text message.

(Photo: Screengrabs via Gomez Instagram including a text message which may have been sent by Justin Bieber.)

Either way, whether or not the text is from Bieber, Gomez’s exposing of a purportedly private message and repeated use her social media accounts to fire pot shots at others — Kylie and Kendall Jenner in April and now seemingly Justin – suggests the Disney alum sees PR value in being seen as a victim.

As a veteran actress-singer, Gomez is aware that any “relationship” statements she makes will be seen by both media and fans as about Bieber, after they were spotted on apparently romantic dates a few weeks ago which included a trip to a zoo and a dinner and movie date.

Quite apart from the general tackiness of social media venting about a relationship (intimate or otherwise), Selena’s public share of a private note that may have been sent from Bieber comes after Demi Lovato recently unfollowed her on Twitter.

Some reports claim the Spring Breakers actress may have addiction and/or emotional co-dependence issues outside of her relationship with Bieber.

Certainly Gomez’s behavior since her rehab stint in January suggests she might well have personal problems independent of her fractious four-year relationship with her Canadian ex-beau.

(Video: captioned: “I don’t know. I’m on my way you know.”)

Moreover, Selena’s Instagram emoting get an even harsher reading after a new Gossip Cop report.

A source told the outlet there was no recent big reunion between Bieber and Gomez.

“They didn’t get back together officially,” said the insider.

“They spent a little time together after not seeing each other for a while, and that’s been it.”

All of which makes the romance novel overlay of the caption to this specfic Gomez Instagram confusing at best, and worrying at worst.

After umpteenth reunions it seems clear Bieber and Gomez are not a perfect fit. Perhaps the kindest thing that can be done is for her friends and family to strongly encourage the starlet to get out there and start dating.

Meanwhile, Bieber appears to be embracing his freedom with relish.

The 20-year-old has been spotted spending time with at least three girls over recent weeks.

These include model Chantel Jeffries, 21, and Yovanna Ventura, 18.

(Photo: via Shots captioned With @yovanna.)

Ventura and Bieber were first spotted together in May when Justin posted a Instagram photo of them from Las Vegas, then another sightseeing on Venice Beach. Later that same month, he posted a snap of the pretty brunette with the caption:

“I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun),” Justin wrote, referring to Yovanna’s Miami senior high school graduation.

Justin has since blitzed his social media accounts with selfies and photographs of himself and fitness Yovanna taken at a Los Angeles studio on Monday night and elsewhere.

The pair were also spotted leaving Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Just Jared reports.

(Photo: Justin Bieber and Ventura [wearing jeans] in Beverly Hills, Tuesday, July 8.)

On Tuesday night, the two were seen at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park amusement complex, where Bieber played miniature golf with pals and took a turn in a batting cage.

(Photo: via Shots.)

In just thirteen days time, Gomez turns 22. Citing a source, E! News previously reported the Latina wants Bieber by her side for her birthday bash.

Whether that’s advisable or actually happens remains to be seen.

[Images via Shots Of Me.]

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