WWE News: Triple H Furious At WWE Universe For Not Buying WWE Network?

Did you know that the WWE Network only costs $9.99 a month? Triple H let you know that more than enough times, 41 to be exact, throughout the entire show. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, JBL, and HHH promoted the WWE Network endlessly in their attempt to create more subscriptions.

At one point, it just became pure comedy at how many times they said the WWE Network. For one moment, imagine the fun DX would have promoting the network. That segment would be able to write itself with Shawn Michaels and HHH at the helm.

From face HHH to heel Helmsley, that is starting to stem into real life. Due to the failing numbers, rumors are that HHH is not happy one bit at the WWE Universe.

“There are many within WWE who believe that Triple H is legitimately angry with WWE fans who refuse to subscribe to the WWE Network as he thinks they are just being ‘cheap.'”

Triple H crossed the line with his feelings towards the fans. Not only is $120 a year a lot of money for a good part of the U.S. population, but not everybody has a streaming device they can use to even watch the WWE Network. He’s a millionaire that is set for life. Less than 5 percent of the population has that kind of money. That number is only an estimate, but it is an example of the small populace able to buy things at will.

Besides, while the WWE Network is a great way to watch pay-per-views live and look at old episodes of Raw and Smackdown, any person with the internet can illegally stream the shows whenever they choose. $10 a month could go to a lot more things that contribute to their survival than the WWE Network. Triple H isn’t thinking logically.

Triple H

With the WWE Network going global soon, they will get those subscriptions they were yearning for when they debuted it. Only 33,000 subscribers since April is not good at all. In fact, I bet they lost customers with the senseless shilling they did on Raw. Some people are turned off by exaggerated promotion that is used simply for the fact of getting the name recognition stuck in the customer’s head.

The WWE Network is Triple H’s baby and he wants it to succeed. Like any good businessman, it is a logical situation. However, calling the fans “cheap” is not the right way to make business. HHH will never admit it to the public, but rumors spread if one big mouth hears it.

If the subscription numbers start to slowly go down or barely rise, it is due to the overdone-promotion and use of the word “cheap” to describe the WWE Universe. Good job Triple H. You’ve done it again.

[Images via Baltimore Sun and SportsKeeda]