Beyoncé And Jay Z Faked Breakup Rumors To Boost Poor Ticket Sales, Says Publicist

Sensational allegations have emerged about the impending divorce of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Publicist Jonathan Hay told the U.K.’s Sun newspaper that the rumors are all fake! He says that he believes that these rumors that have been swirling for months about the crisis in their marriage, were a carefully crafted stunt to boost ticket sales for the couple’s On the Run tour due to wrap up in Paris next month.

Hay told the paper, “They are driving interest for the tour. If you look at the timing of these stories, I don’t think this is a coincidence.”

This is not the first allegation concerning flagging ticket sales. Radar Online previously reported that tens of thousands of seats were still unsold in June for the then upcoming U.S. concert dates.

Hay went through the timeline to explain how the publicity has been organized. First was the infamous scene involving the physical outburst of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, at the Met Gala in May: “So then we had the elevator fight and since then the tour has been written about every single night and ticket sales have increased.”

Then came a succession of allegations and counter allegations of cheating, all thoroughly documented and reported by The Inquisitr and other publications.

Even their daughter, 2-year-old Blue Sky, was dragged into the publicity machine with stories about Beyoncé being too concerned with her own appearance, and ignoring how her daughter looked.

Hay predicts: “Once the tour is over, they will put a stop to these stories and show everything is fine at home.”

Neither Beyoncé. 32, or Jay Z, 44, have never actually confirmed the rumors, other than to deny some of the more extreme claims.

But Beyoncé did recently post a sexy photo of herself wearing a “Carter” sweatshirt. For the uninitiated, Jay Z was born Sean Carter!

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