Beyoncé And Jay Z Reportedly Made Secret Pact Never To Divorce For Daughter Blue’s Sake

Following numerous reports in the press that Beyoncé And Jay Z will divorce as soon as their On the Run tour finished in September, it has now been revealed that, in truth, the couple have made a secret pact never to put their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, through the trauma of divorce.

An inside source spoke to reporters at, revealing some interesting allegations on the real situation between Beyoncé And Jay Z. According to the source, nothing is more sacred to the couple than their daughter, and for that reason, divorce is not on the cards.

The source revealed to the publication that, despite rumors to the contrary, Beyoncé And Jay Z are working hard to fix their marriage:

“Beyonce does not want a divorce, she’s very against it on principal. That’s why they waited so long to get married — she wanted to be a hundred percent sure. But now that they have Blue to think about, she’s even more committed. She and Jay made a pact that they would never put Blue through a divorce, so they’re working very hard to fix this situation. It’s been a hard couple of months, but in no way is Beyonce ready to give up on her family.”

There were also a lot of damning reports relating to Jay Z, suggesting he was a hands-off father and husband, favoring working or partying over playing daddy. But the source who spoke to the celebrity publication suggested the opposite:

“Jay Z has been giving Beyonce and Blue all his attention, he is doing everything to prove his love and loyalty to her and Blue. She’s got him on a very tight leash, they’re together 24/7.”

Jay Z, on a short leash to his wife and daughter? We doubt that very much and think there just must be more to it.

Whether or not the Beyoncé And Jay Z divorce rumors are true or false, there’s usually no smoke without fire, so it remains to be seen what will actually happen between Hollywood’s most talked about couple.

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