Beyoncé And Jay Z Custody Battle Over Blue Ivy Likely

Regular readers of The Inquisitr have been following the stories and rumors about the apparently crumbling marriage of Beyoncé and her philandering husband, Jay Z.

The latest twist in the saga, as reported by Radar Online, concerns their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. A source told People Magazine, “There has been tension between them for a while. To be honest I thought they were going to get divorced before Blue Ivy was born.” The source also referred to the power couple’s day-to-day life, claiming it’s all about business. But Blue Ivy, supposedly, remains the “centerpiece” of their marriage.

Beyoncé’s announcement of her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards was pure show business.

Beyoncé simply dropped her microphone, unbuttoned her blazer, rubbed her stomach, and confirmed she was pregnant. This announcement was listed in Guinness World Records for the “most tweets per second recorded for a single event” on Twitter — 8,868 tweets per second. “Beyonce pregnant” was the most Googled term for the week of August 29, 2011.

Following the birth of Blue Ivy Carter in January 2012, Jay Z released a song dedicated to Blue Ivy on his website. The baby can be heard crying at the end of the song.

Confirming the allegation that the couple’s relationship is “all about business,” the couple tried, unsuccessfully, to trademark the name Blue Ivy in order to start a line of merchandise!

Blue Ivy is a regular feature on Beyoncé’s Instagram account, and has her own large group of followers. Recently, more than 5,000 people signed a bizarre petition asking Beyoncé and Jay Z to brush their daughter’s hair! The petition, simply titled “Comb Her Hair,” was started by a user from Brooklyn, New York.

The petition begins: “As a woman who understands the importance of hair care… it’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy’s hair.”


Some petitioners added comments, ranging from: “I hate when a mother looks like a million dollars with their hair all done and the child looks like they haven’t seen a comb since they were born,” to “This is the dumbest thing I have seen in my life.” Amen to that!

At this time, Beyoncé has something more on her mind than lint balls. The balls she is concerned about are somewhat larger, and are currently attached to hubby Jay Z. Her current problem is worrying about who else has been playing with them!

And that concern will likely translate to a custody battle over Blue Ivy, probably in the not too distant future. Expect to hear and see more about the Beyoncé and Jay Z saga very soon. As the saying goes: Watch this space!