Maryland Six Flags Ride Stuck: 24 People Stuck On ‘Joker’s Jinx’ Roller Coaster

Sunday night was a scary time for about 24 people at Maryland Six Flags when a roller coaster ride got stuck 45-feet above ground.

The incident happened in Upper Marlboro, according to Prince George’s County Fire Department. WUSA 9 News reports that the Joker’s Jinx roller coaster stopped on the track, a Six Flags spokesperson confirms. The fire department added that it required a “high angle rescue” to get everyone off the ride safely. Fortunately, all two dozen people were rescued safely from the roller coaster. In all, there were seven children and 17 adults on the ride.

Riders were removed by a large bucket. The report said that at 4:55 pm, crews were “still” gaining access to the thrill riders. Each rider was individually strapped in a seat, so they had to be taken out one-by-one.

At 6:40 pm, 14 rider had been rescued and everyone was safely off the Joker’s Jinx roller coaster by 7 pm Sunday night.

In a report by the Washington Post, none of the 24 people who were stuck on the ride required hospitalization.

Fire Chief Marc Bashoor tweeted after the rescue was completed:

“All riders safely disembarked from Jokers Jinx. Ride closed for now. Thanks Prince George County Fire Dept for your help!”

A 105-foot high tower ladder was used to remove the roller coaster riders. Parts of the fencing surrounding the theme park thrill ride had to be taken down so access to riders was easier.

Whatever caused the roller coaster’s malfunction at the Maryland Six Flags isn’t evident, but it’s run by a computerized safety system, the Six Flags spokesperson claims.

Until the ride is fully investigated and safe to get on again, it won’t be open.

The Joker’s Jinx was first introduced to Six Flags in 1999. According to Washington Post, the ride has been inspected daily ever since. The roller coaster carries 24 people at a time per ride session and requires a height of 54-inches. The full length of the roller coaster is 2,700 feet and is named after the Batman villain. It also reaches speeds up to 60 mph.

Other crazy theme park rides have gotten stuck with thrill-seekers trapped inside compact enclosures. Not too long ago The Inquisitr wrote a report on an August 2 incident involving a New Jersey Six Flags ride getting stuck when the Nitro roller coaster broke down. Fortunately, there was an emergency exit for riders 200-feet up. That issue was related to a possible power outage.

[Image via CBS Local]