‘American Horror Story’ To Bring Movie Magic Back To Hollywood

From the series’ numerous film references and homages, the first three seasons of American Horror Story have been a wonderfully terrific love letter to horror cinema and television. All you need to do is look back at the first season’s use of the iconic Psycho score to realize what they were attempting with the show, and it’s worked wonders so far. In American Horror Story‘s fourth season, entitled Freak Show, we are sure to get even more geek-inducing homages. Apart from these, however, the series is looking to bring good old-fashioned Hollywood magic back to the small screen in a different way.

In a report from Comic Book Resources that outlines the American Horror Story panel and San Diego Comic-Con, actress Sarah Paulson — who will be playing conjoined twins Bett and Dot — gave us something new to look forward to. When panel host Tim Stack (of Entertainment Weekly) asked her how long it took to apply her prosthetics, Paulson gave the exciting response:

“It’s not a prosthetic, dude… there’s mystery around what we’re doing and we want it to stay that way. Look, everyone in the room knows I don’t have two heads. Some magic is going to happen to communicate this story, but how that’s going to happen is done in a way that’s never really been done before. In a sense that no person has played a person with two heads that isn’t, I think other people have done it where they’ve hired other actors that looked similar to them… but this is a new thing.”

The American Horror Story star continued, giving vague hints on how it will be done by stating that she had to switch between the two characters without any time in-between. A puzzling statement to be sure, but an exciting one as well, since we live in an age where movie buffs can typically spout off how certain visual effects were done with great ease (Gravity seems to be the only recent film that left many initially puzzled in the “how-it-was-done” department).

This is especially interesting following Paulson’s recent interview with Seth Meyers, where they discussed both season three of American Horror Story and the upcoming Freak Show. When showed the oft-retweeted picture of her characters Bette and Dot, Paulson nearly spoils an aspect to the season that had been evidently forbidden by producers.

Dot and Bette’s first day pic.twitter.com/ZKFS1pEGed

— Ryan Murphy (@MrRPMurphy) July 17, 2014

With both the “how” and the “what” of this character being shrouded in such mystery, it only intrigues more and more as the season premiere draws closer.

Does all the mystery surrounding this season of American Horror Intrigue you? How do you think they create the illusion of Bette and Dot? Let us know in the comments below!