‘American Horror Story’ Star Sarah Paulson Teases Fans With ‘Freak Show’ Talk

American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson celebrated her Emmy nomination by talking up season 4 of the horror series.

In American Horror Story: Freak Show, Paulson will play conjoined twins named Bette and Dot. Filming is about to begin in New Orleans, and the actress is doing an excellent job making season 4 sound just as wonderful and weird as fans want it to be. During a USA Today interview, Sarah gave viewers an idea of what to expect at Ryan Murphy’s creepy carnival of souls:

Having read the first two scripts, it’s going to be everything everyone hopes it to be and more. It’s very new, and unlike anything that the show has been before. That’s very exciting for us. We had hair and makeup tests yesterday. I could feel a crackling kind of excitement.

This is the only info that Paulson would share, but you can stay right here if you want to learn more about the freaks in Jessica Lange’s spectacular American Horror Story side show.

Lange will be playing the lady running the freak show, a German ex-pat with Marlene Dietrich’s magnetic aura and smoky voice. According to the Chicago Tribune, Jessica Lange might even wear a red ringmaster outfit similar to one that Dietrich wore during some of her stage shows.

Vulture reports that Denis O’Hare will trade his creepy doll collection to play a “collector of freaks.” Because he and Lange’s character are both in the freak biz, don’t be surprised if they butt heads.

Newcomer Michael Chiklis will star as a strongman with ties to two female characters – Angela Bassett will play his wife, and Kathy Bates will play his ex. This might mean that American Horror Story: Coven fans will get to see these two amazing actresses going at each others’ throats again. However, Bassett’s character won’t be Bates’ only enemy – she’ll also have to worry about a mysterious man named Eddie (Wes Bentley). Eddie is described as “a dark tormentor from Kathy Bates’ past who is hell-bent on revenge.”

Perhaps evil Eddie will be based on Lobster Boy, a freak show performer with claw-like hands. According to the Los Angeles Times, he managed to escape jail time after murdering his daughter’s fiancé. He was an angry drunk, and his fed-up wife eventually arranged to have him killed. American Horror Story likes to base characters on real people, and Lobster Boy’s bloody life makes him a perfect candidate for the show.

Evan Peters will play the son of Kathy Bates and Michael Chiklis’ characters. If Kathy Bates’ physical defect isn’t something genetic, his American Horror Story character might be a normal-looking guy. Perhaps he’ll be the freak show “geek” who bites the heads off of live chickens.

Emma Roberts told Refinery 29 that she’s not opposed to playing the freak show’s bearded lady, but it could also be fun to see Madison Montgomery reincarnated as Spidora, a funny faked freak with the head of a woman and the body of a spider. Frances Conroy could complete Jessica Lange’s collection of “unusuals” by getting covered with scales to shock and awe as the Alligator-Skinned Woman.

Which freaks would you like to see during season 4 of American Horror Story?

[Photo courtesy of Karl Pfeiffer]